Friday, October 02, 2009

I still haven't figured out the shutters.

I mentioned before that we have one window that is always getting hit by things the wind blows at it....notable
incidents have included a hanging planter were the hanger was actually severed from the pot and a chair that was
being picked up/slammed over and over. Obviously, shutters might be helpful....because luck will run out sooner or

I have mainly looked at wood shutters for the most part...because, quiet frankly, I do not understand all the fancy
material names that companies can throw at you.

I need something that is actually functional....not just decorative.
----I need shutters that will stay latched shut when necessary. Winds can get strong here.
----I want something that is strong and stays in good condition.
----I want shutters that do not show dirt easily.
----I would like something that is not unattractive when closed.

I would think that one could buy un-finished wood shutters of good quality and then paint them (though I feel
slightly disrespectful in that I am considering painting over something as nice as redwood or cedar).

Have you ever bought shutters? Do you have any tips for me on this??


Wishing 4 One said...

Here in Cairo most windows have shutters. They are wood and are on the outside of the windows. They are slanted so the breeze comes in but keeps most of the dust out. They have a latch right in the middle of the shutter so you can have open but they latch togther as not to fly around. They also have latches on window rim at bottom, so you could latch them and have them open that way. Hard to explain I wish we had them, we don't or else I could send you a pic. Anyway good luck in your search I sure like em and I know over there the quality is even better than here so I bet they'll be awesome. Do post pics once you get. Have a great Friday!

THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said... have noticed a lot about the shutters. It will probably be this upcoming summer before I get them...and I only need/want one set. I will blog about it. :-)

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