Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Say and You Think....

  1. My treat ::Trick or treat. Making sure have the money to offer to pay. Things I consider treats. Not a treat...pork....people here in the U.S. eat so much pork. Treat others with kindness.

  2. Bell ::Cowbell. School bell. It doesn't ring a bell.

  3. Five :: Give me five. The Dave Clark Five. Five fingers on your hand...and five toes on your feet. Five weekdays...and then two days on the weekend.

  4. You’re crazy :: No, I'm not. Sometimes being crazy is a compliment.

  5. Disgust :: Disgusted. What disgusts me?

  6. Tempest :: Storm. Tempest Bledsoe.

  7. Bummer :: Hummer. Disappointed.

  8. Brim :: To the top. Overflowing.

  9. Hose :: Garden hose. All the times the garden hose has kinked up. Getting my clothes wet...I don't like that. Turning the outside water on for the first time in the spring or summer.

  10. Lollipop :: I have seen some strange lollipops on the Food Network. People who throw their sucker sticks on the ground or leave them in your shopping cart. People who think sucking on a lollipop makes them attractive.

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Ella Blackhart said...

Hi! Fun answers.

I had a go at this, my first time! You can check it out here, if you wish.

Nice meeting you.


Welcome to Unconscious Mutterings....I need to do them more often. :-)

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