Thursday, October 22, 2009

I wish that "Diary of a Foodie" were close-captioned on would be helpful to me with at least one name mentioned. Of course, it would be very helpful to someone who couldn't hear and wanted to watch it on Hulu! When I am learning about cooking, I have been so thankful many times that "Hell's Kitchen" can be close-captioned when viewed on Hulu.

I think I am becoming more of a "Foodie" every day. :-)
I was surprised recently when a co-worker said that I am a "gourmet cook." She has never tasted my cooking and I could not imagine why they said this at first. Then, I thought of the fact that I often sit writing about food, reading recipes or answer truthfully (when I get a quizzical look or actual quizzing)that I am attempting to learn the French terms for all things culinary.
---Today I learned that "artichauds" is the word for artichokes in French. No idea how to pronounce it correctly....yet.

<<-----My find of the day. :-)


Hevel said...

I'm deaf. I have a CI and it helps me a lot, but I do prefer CC'd media.

I'm a Hell's kitchen fan just re-watched the season 3 finals today.

I learned a lot of my cooking from Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Whatever-his-hyphenated-last-name-is from the River Cottage shows. I also like Nigella Lawson's books and Keith Floyd was my hero.

I cook a lot and I love it. I cook with my kids, with my sweetheart, or my sons' mom. We invent odd foods and we love it. We are nowhere near gourmet cooks, b ut some peopledo think we are, because we actually cook from scratch!

I really enjoy your blog, i'm glad I found it through IComLeaWe! May I add it to my blogroll?


I would love to be on your blogroll. :-)

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