Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yellow (Heads or Tails Meme)

My Mushroom-Onion-Sherry Soup. I use diced Johnsonville Stadium Brats for the meat.

Autumn Swing

Limoncello. Never finished...but lemon vodka was fun to try.

One of many romantic dinners. I need to set up a space that seems cozy for this again.

Husband's Ghostrider costume that he made. Modeled by our friend the mannequin.


anthonynorth said...

Some great pictures there - all nicely tinged the right colour.

Calico Crazy said...

Nifty assortment of filter photos for today's yellow.

Calico Contemplations

bluecottonmemory said...

Intriguing pictures! I'll be praying for your mom:) Be blessed!

Karen said...

I love sitting in my swing on beautiful fall days. Happy HOT.

forgetfulone said...

Fun post! Good job with the photo coloring. I wish I knew the right term for that!


-----The soup photo uses a filter (I don't remember which) and then changes in color.
-----The swing is just changed in color. Experimenting with this I found a lot of color effects (non-yellow) that were also beautiful.
-----The limoncello photo is not edited....it may have been cropped long ago.
-----The romantic dinner had the color changed, was cropped and I applied a plastic wrap filter.
-----The Ghostrider costume photo had several changes that I don't remember applied...messing with a bas relief filter.
-----I also don't remember what I did with the photo of the stop signs....stop signs on one post for people driving from different directions.

I believe I used Photoshop Elements for these...but may also have used FastStone Image Viewer for some of the coloring.


Tumblewords: said...

Nifty yellow post - fascinating series....


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