Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mary "Molly" Herencia

Why it would have been nice to know you:
-----People with a nickname like "Molly" are usually spunky. At least, I think of people with the name Molly as being spunky. Mary had an Irish wit....that makes her extra-spunky (absolutely delightful to be around).
-----Molly was the best sister-in law anyone could have. She was a wonderful mother to her kids and always had a warm smile on her face. She was such a bright star among people who know her. I will always remember you for the sweet, kind and generous person you were. Never had a bad word to say about anyone. You are an angel in my eyes. (Posted by Doris on the 9-11 Heroes site...a neat site that posts a flower each time someone visits....Molly had 757 flowers when I visited.)
Wouldn't we all like to have someone speak sincerely about us like that? If you know someone who deserves similar words....go and say them remembrance of's important.
-----Mary was an insurance broker for Aon Corp.
-----Portrait of Molly as a mother. You have to admire a woman who can communicate just by coughing. A woman of great strength who wasn't a complainer...that is the impression I get.
-----A mother of twin boys.

Today I will be thinking about Mary Herencia...the person that I have decided to get to know this September 11th. I will be attempting to get to know her better via my online efforts. I feel like I know Michael Caproni, the man who I have written about for the last three years.

We are all the legacy of those who perished on 9/11. I want to be a great about you?


Today I am visiting other posts in the 2,996 Voices Project. I learned about Michael Benjamin example of the kind of parent that I admire. He reminds me of some of the good homeschooling parents. When his child wanted to learn about bulldozers, he arranged to have a bulldozer come to his house. Neat parent. I am sure that both of his children have plenty of memories to smile at. Each happy memory is like a continued hug.

Republished from September 11, 2008. I also republished my tribute to Richard Caproni. My new tribute this year was to Herman Broghammer. This is a part of the "2,996 Voices Project."


David said...

Missing Molly and all the others.
So sad.
we should be MAD - angry and on our alert against anyone that threatens us, even if they wear a suit and work in the Capitol.

Anonymous said...

My heart broke, as did everyone else's, on 9/11.

But not for Molly Herencia. Yes, she was the mother of twin boys, both with severe psychological problems. So she dumped them into foster care.

Quite the party gal she was, in New York. Always up for a good time. While her twins were wreaking havoc and winding up in serious trouble---everything from assault to rape to murder charges. You want to know this lady? Google "Matthew Herencia." That's her contribution to the world.

Anonymous said...

this is in response to the coward who posted on march 14 2010 about my mother. please get your facts straight before you say something so far from the truth. i am one of the twins and have two other brothers as well. none of us were ever in foster care or have any psychological problems. feel free to contact me for the truth. or leave my family out of your life . mark herencia 267-317-6033

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