Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I Sent....Swap Package

I sent out my first package on Swap-bot. I was nervous about whether the recipient would like it. I was happy that I received a 5 and a heart (the highest combined rating you can get).

-----Current Texas Map...the person I was sending to lives in Texas. I had this because I enjoy travel and always order the Texas Travel Guide each year. I have plans for a trip to Texas....but have no idea when that will happen.
Among the things I want to do in Texas:
Attend SXSW (a music+film+interactive festival that takes place in Austin each year)
See Austin City Limits
Look for a historical record that I want to see (about relatives in Colorado)
Buy a yellow rose grown there and press it
Photograph yellow roses

-----"Eighties Undead" Pin...this is a series about the fact that many things from the 80s are being revived to make money...but they are just not the same. This series makes me smile. I think it says a lot about the intentions of the people trying to make money by recycling the good things to come out of pop culture in such a careless manner.
-----Rainbow Blight Pin (from the "80s Undead" Series)

-----Rainbow Blight on Death Dancer Pin.

-----Fairy Pin (obviously not from the "80's Undead" Series). Pictured below is a print because I do not have a picture of a pin.

Business Card for Archaic Sculpture to go with the pins.

-----Folded up the tissue paper left over after my attempts at wrapping the pins....stuck in as cushion/filler/one can always use tissue paper.
-----4 alligator clips. One of these was holding some organza ribbon wrapped around a package containing a plastic bread bag clip. Plus, another fairly long bunch of organza....both organza bunches a pretty blue color.
-----Long Life Stamp

Thebluestbutterfly's Ramen Concoction Recipe
4 packs Ramen (do not add seasoning until some of water absorbed in noodles...i.e. mainly cooked)
1 can albacore tuna
Ground Black Pepper to taste (I only use McCormick's)
Thyme to taste
Can of Peas
Small tablespoon minced garlic
Garlic powder to taste

Put in water. Put in hurry. Put in seasoning packets after noodles cooked some. Add peas,tuna and minced garlic. Season with garlic powder,thyme and black pepper...all to taste. Make sure stirring as do not want to stick.If starts making sighing sounds (getting ready to stick), add a little water but let absorb....I have to do this a couple times. Make sure peas and albacore are heated. Shortly before serve, add tiny pinch of garlic powder,pepper and thyme. Best served hot....but let cool enough so won't burn mouth. Serves 2-4.

I printed a recipe card template I found on the internet and then wrote it out. I thought about it and should probably add that it is chicken-flavored Ramen that I use.

-----Black Currant Tea package....not sure I have tried this yet. I will refresh my memory on this tea soon.
-----Lady Grey Tea package. I like this better than Earl doesn't have an aftertaste.
-----Fantastic 4 Valentines. Fun.
-----A few stickers.

-----Cartel's "Chroma" CD.

-----A whitefish recipe....I love whitefish.
-----A currant cheeseball recipe....I love currants.
-----A skein of red tapestry thread.


Annie said...

Hi Miss Blue,

What an interesting swap package. Was there a specific theme requested? Love the recipe inclusion especially.



At least 4 items. At least 1 hand-made (that was my recipe). Not supposed to be worth more than $5 street value....but I interpreted this loosely as some were items I can get free or at steep discount any time.

Supposed to touch heart....a newbie swap to gain "street cred" for swapping. I have done RAK groups before...but they always seem to disband at some point. Now I am giving Swap-bot a swap I am in is a journal swap.

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