Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip to a Taste of Home Show Cooking School Show

Taste of Home Trip
Well we are on the road. The prep was interesting. Those who know me in real life know that I have a tendency to end up wearing my food. The day started with a vigorous get a large amount of over-easy egg out of my hair.

There was lots of construction. Like an obstacle course.

This was the maiden voyage of our GPS system. Very thankful we have that. Also, glad that it recalculates when somebody won't let us in to catch our exit. Who doesn't let people in when exits are crucial? It was not like we were cutting them off....they sped up to cut us off.

So glad we had the made it so we could actually figure out how to get back to where we got cut off. "When possible make a legal U-Turn." Ironically we have gotten lost heading out of town before when someone cut us off at the same exit.

Early in the trip we saw a Dodge Magnum and Husband and I agreed that we both like them.

Back to the GPS. It is a Magellan Maestro and we got it for $25 at the Salvation Army. We purrchased a $3 dollar car charger at Wal-Mart and we were good to go.

-----A car junkyard
-----A man driving a trike motorcycle. Husband really wants a trike. I refuse to ride in a sidecar that in any way resembles a clown car, when the time comes, he will have to shop carefully.
-----A car carrier with 3 new cars.....two at least looked really new. I wasn't sure whether the Subaru Tribeca was new.
-----The mirage effect on the road.
-----A car with the word "wash" printed in the dust...but not in very big letters. I wonder when they will notice.
*By way of explanation, car junkyards, car carriers and the mirage effect are something I have gotten excited about seeing since my youth.

Also, I spotted two moving trucks (sure there were plenty more but I only took note of the two). Something I love on the highway is the sense of camraderie that I feel. When we travel, I think of the fact that most everybody out on the road is on some kind of adventure

-----I am sure Husband appreciates that there is less chatter when I am working in the car (typing, etc.)
-----It is probably a bit unusual that when I need to wear both sunglasses and regular glasses (or even hats), they all get arranged together on my head like headbands....along with whatever barettes I am wearing. I think some of my little hair arrangements like this actually look fairly stylish.
-----Sometimes the rest stop just doesn't seem to be in sight. "Where is the stupid rest stop?"

Husband and I each paid for our own lunch today. It was no surprise to him what I picked. Chinese food.....likely because I scout out good Chinese food every time we travel. Even if I don't eat the Chinese food that trip...I remember that it is there for if we visit again.

End of transmission.....sent from a rest stop.


colleen said...

I hate working in the car because of the glare on the monitor.

How did the talk go?

Netchick says.

Carmi said...

I wish I could work in the car: I get nauseous when I stare at a screen in a moving vehicle. Even planes vex me...I usually end up napping.

Totally agree about the GPS: when you miss an exit, it's a godsend. I was driving through Atlanta and took the wrong exit. Without the GPS, I would have been hunting through a pretty bad part of town late at night. Instead, it recalculated and got us, without drama, back on the highway within 3 minutes. Amazing.


The glare is usually one of my beefs, too. The day was mainly cloudy and eventually, I did not notice much glare. :-) I remember the first time I tried to work on the laptop in the car....not so much fun. Watching a movie with glare works even less. I need to buy one of the products (don't know what they are called) that help with the glare when working on the laptop.

The show was fun. I got a lot of magazines to find new recipes in. Also some samples and coupons to look through. The very nice lady presenting called me up as her newest Facebook friend....and gave me another magazine. I was happy that I did not already have any of the magazines I received.

My fave recipe presented was a Smoked Salmon and Chives Cheesecake...just the idea of it intrigues me. Plus, I never thought of turning cherry tomato pieces upside down as garnish.


The GPS is our friend. We are also going to lend it out to those we REALLY trust when they travel. :-)

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