Monday, September 21, 2009

Trader Joe's Stop

A great grocery market...with many things that they make themselves.

We got:
-----Pecan Pralines.....recommended by @ocicat_bengals.
-----A coffee called "Volcano Coffee." It is supposed to be intense and super dark. Husband found it. Husband feels that it has to be good because it is called "Volcano." :-)
-----A 6-Pack of Joseph's Brau Dunkelweizen. Joseph's Brau is one of the Trader Joe's brands.
-----A 6-Pack of Trader Joe's Bavarian Hefeweizen
-----3 bottles of the legendary "2 Buck Chuck"....Charles Shaw wine. We got two of the Cabernet Sauvignons and a Merlot. I read that 2 Buck Chuck tastes fairly good....onlike our experiment in bum wines. If you want to sample various bum wines, I certainly would not recommend "Mad Dog 20/20" as it tasted nasty and made my tongue go numb.
-----A 6-Pack of Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale. We are saving this for Halloween....though the temptation not to is great.
-----A Wild Maine Blueberry sauce. I really want to try East Coast specialties....and Maine is known for its blueberries.
-----Maple Agave Syrup. I have no idea what this will taste like.
-----Trader Joes Peanut Butter. All Natural. We got Creamy Salted. It was only $1.79 and that is WAY cheaper than any natural peanut butter we can get where we live.
-----Kona Coffee.....something I really like.
-----Organic Blackberry Preserves.
-----Lemon Pepper Pappardelle. Pasta. They look like egg noodles.
------Sun-dried Tomato Bruschetta. I have actually never had bruschetta.
-----4 packages of good chocolate chips for baking. 3 of these are gifts.
-----Shallots. To my frustration, we can not get these where we live. I bought two big shallots and we will make a bistro-style steak with them (something we have done before).
-----Orange Muscat Vinegar. We bought only 1 vinegar....the most interesting one. We already have so many vinegars already. I am not quite sure how to use Orange Muscat Vinegar...but will figure it out, :-)
-----2 cans of Cuban Style Black Beans. I read online that they are very good. I am going to study these and try to make something similar.
-----A garlic and eggplant spread. It can be put on toast and in soups.
-----Irish Breakfast Tea. Husband wanted green tea at first....but I stipulated that all purchases had to be something interesting (I am blogging all that we use after all...and don't want my readers to be bored). Looking at the receipt after, I noticed that the Irish Breakfast tea was a really good buy...80 bags for $2.99.
-----A red and white cloth reusuable bag for me. It was only 99 cents. I hope that I can keep it fairly clean. The store really tries to encourage re-usable bags. There was a sign outside saying not to forget your re-usable bags. There was an array of bags that one could buy....including a nice, big insulated bag that looked perfect for picnics. I have read that some Trader Joe's give some sort of discount if you have re-usable bags. Our attendant, beautifully dressed like a lady pirate for "Pirate Day," was smart and packed a goodly amount of our items in our new re-usable bag. "Happy Pirate Day!" It was actually International Talk Like a Pirate Day. :-)

Too expensive:
-----Cereal. I will have to look closer if we come again, For now, besides the price being too high for what we normally pay, I did not see any interesting cereals, I had heard of a chocolate cereal that Husband would have liked as an occasional treat....but that was discontinued.
-----Bread. There were several breads that I had never heard of and/or never tried. At one point I experienced a curious phenomenon....a woman picked out a loaf of bread that I had never heard of before and I felt like I should buy one to because she was probably more with it or knowledgeable than me. I sometimes have an urge to do all the things that "interesting" people do so that I can be interesting, too. My brain told me that her bread did look interesting....then my mind told me that all the bread looked interesting. I walked away from the expense bread and the curious social phenomenon. Today I was my own person. :-)

-----No kosher food. We are still on a quest to try Manischewitz Cream Peach wine.
-----I could not make out what the associate was saying but I think the "Fearless Flyer" does come out in a paper copy. Apparently, it comes out we missed it.

-----The price on bananas....19 cents a pound is a price we have not seen for YEARS!
-----The price on jugs of pure maple syrup were good. We have a jug at home....but we will keep this in mind when we attend another "Taste of Home Cooking School" event.

I told Husband that we had a ton of coffee left to get through at home. I cited the tin of "Chock Full O' Nuts" in the refrigerator. Husband informed me that tin is almost gone because he has been drinking it. :-) I am glad he compliments me by using the things that I pick out.

The stop at Trader Joe's was made on the way to a Taste of Home Cooking School show.


kathi said...

Your Trader Joe's shopping list has piqued my curiosity! There is one right next to my usual pet food/supplies place, but I've only stopped in to pick up something forgotten during regular shopping. I'll have to check out some of the interesting sounding stuff next time!

:: ICLW ::


We had the Bavarian Hefeweizen tonight. It was better than many of the Hefeweizen we have had. It was milder and there was less of a chemically taste. I really liked it. I would like to use it to make beer-battered cod.

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