Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday Thirteen......


-----Vegetarian Spaghetti. I have had something similar that was had carrots in it.
-----Solo Spaghetti Dinner. There are often nights when I want spaghetti for dinner and husband doesn't....this might be perfect for me.
-----Quick Clam Spaghetti. I would experiment with the amount of clams and garlic.
-----Roasted Garlic and Herb Shrimp with Spaghetti....the sauce sounds good. It says that this tastes good with a Strawberry Napoleon for dessert (something I have never had).
-----Spaghetti Soup....has chicken in it and the veggies probably make it pretty. A one-pot-meal.
-----Spaghetti Pie....the idea is intriguing but it just does not look appetizing to me. It likely tastes very good and I will be trying it eventually.

2. Tips on photographing fall foliage from photographer Dale Stevens.

3. This year I am definitely going to make an Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree. I like the fuller trees with the star on top and no foil showing.


Maldroid's "If the Robots Win, We''ll Have to Listen to Techno." Do you listen to techno?

Yesterday we had some bread that gave me a problem....upsets my stomach in a weird way....some olive bread does this. Husband told me that the bread we ate was "heavy"...I wonder what about it caused me the problem. The olive bread that gives me problems tastes similar to yesterday's bread.

7. Things I have witnessed:
-----A man who thought that all he needed to use a debit card was the pin number....that you didn't need to have the card. He told me that his wife sends him on many errands.
-----A couple of years ago, I was in a life-threatening blizzard. A few days later a woman began loudly telling a story about how she asked her neighbor to borrow a heater. Apparently the neighbor was on vacation and actually started taunting the woman (in a life-threatenening blizzard with no heat) about how she was on vacation. No one was laughing. Speaking of life-threatening blizzards, James Kim who sacrificed his own life to try to get his family safety is still my hero....I do not forget people like that.
-----I forgot that I used to tease Husband that there was a birthday, an Un-Birthday and a Smurf Day. I really should do something with the Smurf Day.

8. Questions:
-----What is your most unusual recycling tip?
-----What is your favorite recipe book?
-----Who is your favorite "Breakfast Club" character and why?
-----If you are married, have you smiled at your spouse today?

9. Which is your favorite topiary?

10. Recipes:
-----Pho Ga. Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup.
-----African Green Pepper and Spinach. This recipe includes peanut butter.
-----Mexicali Beef Stew in Pumpkin Tureen. Stew served inside of a pumpkin.

11. In October your click is worth double at the Breast Cancer Site. There are no strings attached to this....I have been clicking for several years. Clicking helps to fund mammograms. My mother has Stage 4 Breast Cancer.




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This is soooo clever. I loved it. Got so close up to my monitor, I bumped my nose. LOL

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Great TT!


The "Western Spaghetti" video has won a lot of awards (or the group who did it has).

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Great T13.

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