Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday 13......Taste of Home Cooking School

1. We took a trip to see a "Taste of Home Cooking School" show this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I was a guest of Taste of Home/SheSpeaks!

2. There was a vendor show beforehand that mainly focused on local items. Since we had dinner with us Husband bought me a butterfly necklace out of the money that was originally supposed to go to dinner. Husband also bought some butterfly earrings that he is going to disassemble and make into some sort of jewelry piece....Husband is an artist. Husband got what I call "Husband Points" for this bit of sweetness. I wore the necklace to work on my first day back from the trip. :-)

Husband says that the butterflies are laser cut steel or, they are sturdier than I thought at first. The butterflies go all around the front and I like how one looked almost gold-colored in this photo. Also pictured is one of my fave butterfly items from a Goodwill shop and one of my fave amethyst geodes. The vendor Husband bought my new necklace from is an upscale consignment boutique called "Still Stylin'."

3. This was one of the inaugural voyages of using the sound recorder on my computer for an event. The sound recording failed miserably and one of my cameras (that has a sound recorder) also re-broke itself. In hindsight, I also should have brought my handheld tape recorder. This is the longest event I have ever tried to record. I wanted to go back through the recording when I was writing about this event. Luckily, I also took some notes on paper.

4. Another thing I need to practice for when I am writing about events is getting up. I was making live comments on various places on the Internet for a I had the laptop in my lap. The presenter Jamie Piette called me up and gave me a new "Healthy Cooking" magazine as I am one of her new Facebook friends! The new magazine was exciting....and I need to master putting the laptop aside in a less awkward manner. In my efforts to keep the laptop safe, I actually crouched on the floor at one point before I went up to the edge of the stage.....*blush.*

Above is the magazine that I was given. I am excited because there are some recipes in here that are ideal for Mother is diabetic, has heart issues and Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I will be passing carefully selected recipes on. :-)


10 recipes were presented and I liked that they were pretty easy to follow along....listed in the program and then illustrated in the recipes in the Official Publication of the Taste of Home Cooking School (a magazine cookbook done just for the shows). I will blog recipes from the cookbook as I make them.

I am definitely going to make the Caramel Apple Twist that was demonstrated....audience interaction got really fun here as the audience encouraged our presenter, Jamie, to put ALL of the icing on!

6. Among the recipes presented was Chex Snickerdoodle Mix.

More Chex recipes and some Rhodes recipes. It was mentioned in the show that Rhodes has a baking hotline....but I haven't been able to find the number yet.


My friend asked me to bring back any recipes that I thought might be good for him to do. I am starting by looking through this book of recipe cards that was in the goodie bag. He seems to like a lot of comfort, I am sure that I will have some recommendations from here.


I had been
wishing for new Ziploc containers on I Want Wednesday for a while. I got one and couple of bags. :-) I will blog about them as I try them out.

I also got a few measuring gadgets (not from Ziploc).

-----I want to make "Garden Harvest Chili." I might end up doing it without the corn though.
-----Curried Tuna Sandwiches. My only experiences with curry have been bad (Chinese restaurants,Indian restaurants and one over-enthusiastic seasoner).....I want to see if I can fix this.
-----Sunflower Strawberry Salad. Looking at the photo, I think this might be really tasty.
-----Cucumber Shell Salad. I am absolutely planning on making this one. I am a big fan of anything resembling pea salad. This is the recipe I usually use for pea salad.
-----Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake. I love the picture of this in the recipe book I received...beautiful.


I managed to bend this one up a little while we were still at the show. Doesn't the dish on the cover look yummy?

A box containing a little pile of paper towels to sample from Viva. Wow...they are thick.

Wine Wheel from Gallo Family Vineyards. I placed it on the side of my fridge.

12. Husband was one of a minority of men at the show.

The two things that stuck out for Husband:
Liked the Harlequin cake....and plans to make one himself.
The Chex Mix Snack was pretty good.....he enjoyed that thoroughly.

Oh....and Husband is a sculptor. He wants to do molds for me so that I have a permanent way to use make chocolate leaves for garnishes (a technique for chocolate leaves was demonstrated at the show).

Husband REALLY liked the chair below.

13. Thank you, Jamie. It was wonderful to meet you. It was really obvious that you and your Husband are very much in Love.....and it is neat when that is really obvious.


fickleinpink said...

that's a great thirteener!

please come and visit mine if you have the time!

have a great weekend!


Thank you. I have a few more things I want to add to it here and there. :-)

I hope your weekend is awesome. I am going to the zoo tomorrow to practice my photography. No idea what we are doing for Saturday and Sunday. :-)

Kari said...

What a fabulous looking time!! Looks like that show was a super opportunity!!


colleen said...

A box gift box of viva and new butterfly jewelry sounds like a score. I went to fashion show fundraiser and won a door prize: a pineapple welcome sign. I don't have much energy for cooking. Netchicking today.


Yes, I was so glad to be would have been a while before I stumble across such events (I look at the Taste of Home site a LOT but for recipes). I like things like this....I can tell others and make the world a more fun place. :-)


My cooking energy comes and goes....usually depending on how much work I have been doing.

A couple of days ago I made a great tomato soup....and I am not usually a tomato soup fan. I am adventurous with flavors. It was something Husband didn't think would turn out. Husband was asleep and I was hungry so I tried for myself. I will have to put up a recipe after I experiment a little and figure out a meat to add. :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I should think you're a good cook, BB.

NetChick sent me here.

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow what a great, awesome cool, packed blog you have!!!! I am marking it to come back and explore soon.

My mother is breast cancer survivor 14 years now, all things all possible. Thinking of you, your mom, and all listed on your blog my friend. My very best wishes from Cairo Egypt. - ICLW


Thank you.

A co-worker told me this morning that she had heard I was a gourmet cook....I was flattered and surprised that people were talking about this.

I do try to learn a lot about culinary topics, I try a lot of different things and I have been learning a lot of the French terms. I am at least a constantly-growing-better cook.


Apparently I talk a lot about whatever food project I am currently engaged in at work. :-)


Wishing 4 One-
I am glad that you visited....and very happy for you that your mother has been a Survivor for so long. :-) Thank you for the very thoughtful and kind comments.

pinkpandora said...

I happened to visit this site and find your blog interesing with varied life records!that's quit precious memory I envy with.

Best regards.Happy weekend :)

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