Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In My Life.....

-----Going to a zoo on Friday to practice taking photos. I have an extensive list of the animals I want to photograph. I will just have to be very organized so that I know which is which when I get home. We are taking a picnic lunch...that will be romantic.
-----I got to use a wrap that my brother gave me for Christmas last year. It is one of my favorite pieces right now. We went to a Taste of Home Cooking School Show and my wrap kept me warm for a good majority of the weekend's trip. My wrap also got a lot of stares....it is beautiful. The wrap is a dark red and black reversible piece from Kohl's....fringed, long and warm. A perfect thing to keep one's arms warm when out on the highway or about town on a breezy day.
-----I sent off my first Swap-bot package today. As soon as it is recieved, I will blog more about this. The next project for me on here is a journal exchange.
-----Somehow or other the "Volcano Coffee" that we got from Trader Joe's did not make it into our bag. There is little that we can do about this as Husband thinks it may have dropped when he was putting the groceries in the car.....and we would not want to have them replace something that wasn't necessarily left on the counter. It is really too bad because that was something Husband really wanted to try....but we have resolved to replace it at some point. We have a friend who lives in Portland and says there are Trader Joe's everywhere.....sending him the money should do the trick (then he can bring us a replacement when he visits).

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