Thursday, September 03, 2009

I get to go!

I have guest tickets provided by Taste of Home/She Speaks. I will attend a vendor show and a "Fall Comfort Classics" cooking demonstration. I am looking forward to exploring the goodie bag and new cookbook. I hope that I learn some new techniques from the cooking demonstration. From what I have read, there should be at least 700 people attending!

We will also be heading to Trader Joe's sometime before or after the event. Husband and I have never been to a Trader Joe's. Right now we are eating out of our pantry so that we can buy an entire month's worth of groceries at Trader Joe's! I am sure that we will find a lot of exciting things.

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Hello, NetChick sent me!

Good luck in your first Trader Joe's excursion. We really love Trader Joe's, and miss having one just down the street (the way we did when we lived in the city before moving to the suburbs).


Thanks for the visit, Matt. Any recommendations on what to buy at Trader Joe's?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks like it's too far for me here in Britain!

NetChick sent me here.


They have sessions all over the country....but I would imagine it is too far. :-)

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