Thursday, September 10, 2009

Herman C. Broghammer

I pieced together so much about Herman from just two of the memorials:
New York Times profile

Herman reminds me of myself....religion mixed with fun (which can be a good thing).

At times, Jesus was religion mixed with fun. To some that might sound odd, the part about Jesus being a fun person....but there are a few places in the Bible that mention this and Herman's life has inspired me to write about them when I get the time.

On the traditional/religious side Herman was:
-----A beloved Husband and Father. Proud of and loving towards his family.
-----Missed very much by his neighbors. In this day and age, that says a lot about a person.
-----Took good care of his mother after his father died.
-----A senior VP at Aon
-----An observant Roman Catholic who attended mass every week at Sacred Heart Church (North Merrick, NY). He was a a Eucharistic Minister and a part of Church charity events for 30 years.
-----"Avid athlete." I don't know what sports. He was a member of the Holy Name Bowling League.
-----Relocated from Queens so his family could have a better life.
-----Was looking forward to retirement.

On the less traditional side Herman:
-----Helped upgrade the Knights of Columbus bar to a place of great fun. Each year, he was also in charge of the "suds station" at the Town of Hempstead County Seafood Festival in Lido Beach each year. I would have loved to know if he had any microbrew/Oktoberfest recommendations.
-----Was so passionate a golfer that it was implied he might have sacrificed sleep for some of the games.
-----Known for GREAT kindness. He was nicknamed "Herman the Mayor"....because of his diplomacy.
-----For 20 years manager of a "sprawling football pool." I would assume that this might have been something like fantasy football? From the comments in the memorials, I am guessing that his team might have been the New York Jets.

Herman was:
-----A person who would not have wanted others to take revenge for what happened on September 11.
-----A first generation German. So, one could guess that he might have spoke German. Further evidence to the fact that Herman might have spoken German was his 40th birthday party....guests had him dress in alpine shorts and lederhosen and then roasted him with "The Sound of Music" playing in the background.
-----A frequent diner at Italian restaurant in NYC. I decided that I will go through and learn some of the dishes prepared there (although not the exact recipe of course). I will possibly start my Italian dining that will remind me of Herman with Scampi Alla Griglia.

"When you were mad, he would let you have your feelings but he would never agree with the reason," said his wife, Ursula. "And eventually you would say, `I guess I really shouldn't be angry."


This post was a part of the "2,996 Voices Project." I also republished my tributes to Michael Caproni and Mary Herencia.

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