Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hell's Kitchen, Season 6. Episodes 10 and 11.


-----I like Sabrina a lot. She strikes me as very talented.....despite portrayals of her on the show.
-----The venison thing had some humor to it...but I would have said something. Usually if you persist in saying something emphatically enough and backing your point, people will take a look at your statement.
-----I would think that by tasting, like a chef is supposed to, venison could be identified. Indeed, on my second viewing I noticed that Chef Ramsay asked if anyone had tasted the venison.
-----I was very upset with the lying that was done to Chef...competing with integrity makes you feel beter in the end.
-----Araxi. This restaurant has a live tank.
-----I admired Ramsay's choice of judges for the challenge.
-----Campanile. Of the items on their menu, I am most interested in the Blood Orange Salad and the Strawberry Cobbler.
-----Grilled Cheese sandwiches are my favorite food.
-----I am tired of restaurants being described as "cute"...two times was two times too many.
-----I have never smelled pigs up close.
-----Lemongrass Sauce that sounds good. I have actually had Lemongrass Sauce but it was at a Thai restaurant that managed to make it burnt and kind of like lumpy gravy. My lemongrass sauce was at a restaurant we will never go to again....Husband's dish was not lemongrass and he got sick.
-----I have never cooked with Swiss Chard either...I usually substitute fresh spinach.
-----I was surprised that a chef did not know what parsnips are.
-----Frozen pork...REALLY not good. There have been two restaurants that we have never come back to for things like had raw chicken and the other raw fish. Husband is sometimes very protective of me.....and there was raw chicken in my stir-fry both times we went (a Mongolian place). The second time only some of the chicken was completely raw....the first time it was all of it. Husband does not want me to get sick as I have a tendency to do from the least bit of undercooked from things like chicken and pork....thyroid problems and IBS can make for getting pretty sick. The other place we are not going to again had REALLY frozen fish and is not worth the risk of wasting that much money.
-----Dave's determination impresses me.
-----Speed is important.
-----I have never cooked halibut.
-----They are cooking fish from frozen? Is it frozen or almost all the way thawed. I thaw my fish....and it does take a WHILE.
-----Wow...dinner service was disappointing. It was disappointing even for being at home.


-----I would definitely have studied Ramsay's dishes before coming on this show.
-----I liked Dave's "autopsy" method.
-----Presentation counts when imitating a dish, too. Imitating a dish is really imitating a dish.
-----I like Christina so much.....very intelligent.
-----I would like going to dine at Hell's Kitchen if I had a seat where I could observe some of the interactions.
-----Thinking ahead
-----There was clearly more of a sense of competition in later episodes this season. Some of the competition was was efforts to cut down self-esteem leading up to the ever-crucial Services.
-----Nice portions. That is what I hate about dining out....paying more money than eating at home, sometimes getting a better meal.....but often being hungry at the table or shortly thereafter.
-----The sync with others might be hard...unless you had co-workers who were consistent or only had workstyle patterns that you had seen from them before.
-----I would fight straight out based on talent and not try to get rid of stronger competitors...that's how I am though. I would more concentrate on improving my own skills.
-----I was proud of Van at the very end of this episode.
-----Tonight was one of the few times I was disappointed in Dave...really disappointed. I am not cheering for Dave anymore.


Recipes I found that have Lemongrass Sauce:


kathi said...

I'm not big on reality TV, but I do admit to enjoying the chef reality shows like Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef. A little bit of Gordon Ramsey goes a long way though!

Mingle on!


Thank you for visiting (mingling). I try to glean what I can of a culinary education when I watch the show. We have cable again...but I have yet to figure out what channel has Top Chef in our area and when. Top Chef used to be my favorite show.

Rose's Daughter said...

I like Chef Ramsey's show on BBC better than this one. He is WAY too rude on this one.



I wish that I could see his show on the BBC.

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