Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen....

1. Recipes:
-----Freezer Cole Slaw
-----Mushroom and Vegetable Medley
-----Chili Italiano

2. I get to go to my first ever Trader Joe's this week. I am very excited. I can not get Husband to understand why I would want to visit a grocery store while traveling....but he is indulging me. I get to buy a whole month's worth of groceries at Trader Joe's! I will definitely be blogging my finds.

3. The bulletin board I used to have.....from looking at a previous Thursday Thirteen (from a few years ago).
-----We used to get submarine sandwiches on a regular basis-so much so that my Husband's favorite sub order was on the bulletin board. Now times are leaner and we know of no good sub shops.
-----I never did subscribe to Oprah...I used to have a subscription offer pinned on the board as I was going to. I buy Oprah ever once in a while and visit the website a lot.
-----I do not use Post-It notes anymore. I used to have one that I always kept for when to change the toothbrush next. My current toothbrush does not look damaged at all but time-frame-wise I should change it soon.
ith when I should change toothbrushes.
-----I used to have a picture of Penelope Cruz that I cut out of a magazine. I thought that she had a neat, expressive face. I do like her quirkiness...but that much excitement is not my thing in real life. Today we are going to watch Obre Los Ojos which is what the movie "Vanilla Sky" pretty closely follows.
-----I still have not learned Maya and forget how to use it. I need to get back to this...I used to keep notes about what I was learning on the bulletin board. If yu do not know what Maya is, think 3-D animation (like Pixar and such).
-----I still put phrases cut out of magazines on my bulletin boards. Now I also have a marker board.
-----Husband now has the directions of how to get into my let the Internet know if I meet my demise. I should put it somewhere that it won't get lost amidst papers and bills on his desk though....on a bulletin board or something again.
-----There are school paperwork bits on one of my bulletin boards still...some things do not change.
-----I do not hang my tacks in a Ziploc bag anymore. I have a container for them, tons on the boards and some in a Ziploc in the kitchen junk drawer.
-----I still doodle smiley faces on things.
-----I used to have a picture of a dress that I liked by the designer Miguelina. I do not remember what it looked like....a fairly simple beige dress that cost $396.00. I don't know if I still have the picture somewhere but should look for it.
-----Still collecting recipes.
-----I did not end up painting on bulletin boards like I had contemplated.

4. Thirteen DVDs I own:
-----"Flash Gordon" Starring Steve Holland.This is 3 episodes of the 1954 TV series. Not watched yet.
-----"Pretty in Pink." I like this move but sometimes wish for a different ending for Duckie.
-----"3:10 to Yuma"
-----"Walk Hard." I did not particularly enjoy this movie.
-----"Disney's Robin Hood." I like the music and animation.
-----"The Doors:Special Edition"
-----"Elvis '68 Comeback:Special Edition." I like when he jokes and enjoyed the photo gallery included. I still have not purchased the DVD from the "Aloha from Hawaii" concert.
-----"The Day The Earth Stood Still"...the original. I still have not watched this. I bought it because it is mentioned in Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am told that it is a fairly boring movie. Have you seen it?
-----"The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." This film is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time. It is a silent film with sub-titles. It is visually interesting & pretty easy to follow. It is about a doctor who hypnotizes a man into doing evil things. There is a Rob Zombie video based on this..."Living Dead Girl."
-----Kate & Leopold. A romance with Meg Ryan & Hugh Jackman. I don't always like Meg Ryan but this movie is romantic. It is about a man from the 19th century who is brought forward in time to the 21st century. Husband said he even enjoyed this movie.
-----"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." I have gotten tired quickly of the movie...but still like the book.I can open the book on pretty much every page and find something to laugh about.
-----A set of Charlie Chaplin movies...I like his style.
-----"Shrek the Third." Got pretty boring at times.

5. Eleven Things on My Mind:
-----I need to make some slight repairs to my vintage Elvis "Aloha from Hawaii" tapestry.
-----I have no luck with laptop battery chargers. I have 3 all defective in some way. Frustrating. The newest one is getting worse.
-----I want to learn to hula dance.
-----I have this condition that mimics arthritis and it is getting worse. It is a part of my thyroid issues.
-----Someday I am going to have the top blog on Technorati & I will have earned it. This is a lofty goal but it is going to happen.
-----I am working on the plot for a novel about William Clark of Lewis & Clark.
-----I like burning two different candle scents at the same time. I have not done this in a long time.
-----I wish that I knew how to do ballet.
-----I am going to frame a bunch of my photography and place it around the house.
-----I need to call Maker's Mark and find out why I am having problems logging into my "Ambassador" account.
-----I am hungry.

6. Once Upon My Windowsill:

7. A cheese we did not like:

8. Food Thoughts:
-----I need to get a new bottle of Gallo Extra Dry Vermouth. It only costs about $5.oo and ours has gotten too old. We use it for martini vinegarette dressing and other salad dressings. It is nice...not bitter or sour. Vermouth keeps for six months.
-----I recommend mixing Lipton New Orleans Style rice & Sesame Chicken rice. It is interesting....unusual....but interesting. Husband enjoyed this with soy sauce and I enjoyed adding lemon juice.
-----On a past episode of Top Chef, the contestants completed a challenge in which they had to make childrens' meals that consisted of less than 50 calories.
-----I want to have a tropical fish setup again.

10. I get to go!
I have guest tickets provided by Taste of Home/She Speaks. I will attend a vendor show and a "Fall Comfort Classics" cooking demonstration. I am looking forward to exploring the goodie bag and new cookbook. I hope that I learn some new techniques from the cooking demonstration. From what I have read, there should be at least 700 people attending!
(With expected attendance like that I will show up ahead of time and take care of restroom needs ahead of time). :-)

11. I get to spend the day at a zoo next week practicing my photography skills. I want to try as best I can to make the animals look like they are not in captivity. I so want to visit Animal Kingdom or somewhere (here in the US) that the animals are allowed to roam more than the average zoo.

12. Not forgotten:
Victoria "Tori" 8-year-old who went missing in Woodstock,Ontario. Recently her body was found.




Nicholas said...

Noooo!!! The Hitchhikers Guide TTG movie was a travesty! Donate your DVD to a local thrift shop and try to get hold of the original BBC TV series, from 1981. That is the true version, with the real Arthur, Marvin Ford and, above all, the real Zaphod Beeblebrox -- not that idiot from the film.

jillconyers said...

Fun T13. I love Trader Joes!

Sara said...

hope you loved trader joe's!!!! we have a few here in ny and i LOVE it!!!!

have a great weekend!



I have seen very little of the 1981 series....not enough for me to give an opinion. I need to remedy that.

The recent DVD is a letdown. There interpretation of Zaphod was one of the things I really did not like.


What do you like to get at Trader Joe's.

I listed the things that I got on my first visit.

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