Monday, September 07, 2009

Hell's Kitchen. Season 6, Episode 8

I missed Hell's Kitchen last week. I am catching up now.

-----I do not think Suzanne is stupid...quiet the contrary. I think myself intelligent (honestly) and her teams reactions remind me of how people treat me....except multiply the catty behavior several times over (due to an obvious eye problem). I think that sometimes Suzanne just does not know how to hide her emotions when she is vulnerable...when others are likely to sort-of-secretly mock you if you don't hide your emotions.
-----I need to train my palate. I really should start researching how to do this. The only foods that I think I would get correct are cream cheese,grapefruit and oregano. I would get the lettuce right but not necessarily guess iceburg lettuce. I also might get avocado.
-----Traditional French Palate Cleansers. I have been instinctively doing things like this for a long balances out my IBS issues.
-----Positive energy.
-----In my lifetime, I have cooked no scallops.
-----I felt bad for Sabrina.
-----I am still considering buying real charger plates-I do not have any. I do not like plastic charger plates as they often have a weird texture and/or smell to them. Glass or stainless is what I guess it would have to be.
-----I have not been as impressed by Dave before when other people have said it. This episode I was impressed by Dave. Improvising in the kitchen is something I admire (when it is backed by solid training, culinary knowledge and possibly research).
-----I agreed with the Elimination.

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