Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation Breezes

Photo from the Super Club Breezes Resorts website.
Spectacular fish. Must be breathtaking to swim among them.

Have you ever noticed that when you are on vacation the air just seems to be different??? Maybe it is just that when you are RELAXED you notice more. Each breeze and each glimpse of a new world is special...almost magical.

Our next vacation will be kind of like one of our most memorable trips....sort of medieval-themed.

Another type of vacation that I am fond of is the "Super-Inclusive" vacation. These type of vacations fit in so much (a wonderful slice of a region). Also they save a lot of money!

A Super-Inclusive vacation includes meals,drinks,entertainment,all sorts of sports (even lessons in those sports). Plus, tipping is not expected or permitted (I kid you not). This means that, unless you are a Super-Souvenir-Shopper, you will not get depressed as your wallet becomes thinner all day long. A truly carefree vacation.

For instance, a Super Club Breezes Resorts inclusive Jamaica trip would be lovely.
----I could actually feel soft sand. Every beach I have been to has irritating and hard sand....and lots of noise and pollution. Jamaica would be a totally different experience I am sure. Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay has almost white sand. If it is legal, I would bring home a tiny jar of sand from every beach we visited (to put on one of my bookshelves).
-----I have a fascination with caribbean hotels. Such hotels are obviously planned to make the world seem like it is full of possibilities. Jamaica is in the Caribbean Sea...and I would love to go to a hotel where I could see the unique blue of the water.
-----From what I understand Breezes has Ocho Rios hotels. Ocho Rios is somewhere I would like to spend a few days. I am not a heavy shopper...but I do like anywhere that has a new-to-me-non-commercially-shopping (yes, I make my own "words"). Ocho Rios sounds like a shopping mecca. :-) Ocho Rios is also well-known for scuba diving (which I would definitely enjoy when accompanied by an instructor).
Memo to self....must get underwater camera.Must also learn about currency in Jamaica. I wonder if they heckle over prices in Jamaica.

----Watching polo in Ocho Rios would be great. If I felt like it was safe enough, I would try it myself. I have never seen a polo game (living in the States).
----I can never drag Husband to go golfing with me. On vacation I can drag Husband to the golf course. I am thinking Runaway Bay. Breezes has a PGA Golf Course in Runaway Bay. Hopefully, Husband (who is anti-golf) will not run back to the hotel. Being in a place we don't know means I need a chauffeur....convenient for dragging Husband to the golf course. :-)
-----Of course we would experience a little rum and reggae. Maybe even the Bob Marley Museum. Seeing a good cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" performed in Jamaica would be a great moment for me.
-----Negril's "7-Mile Beach" is often rated one of the top ten beaches in the world. That has to be worth seeing. :-) Though it sounds fascinating, I don't think I could watch any of the cliff jumpers there....wonder how long one trains for that and if it is something you attempt only a few times in a life time.
-----Oh!...and Mobay Undersea Tours. That has me really excited. It is a tour of the Montego Bay Marine Park....onboard a semi-submarine. Jamaica's first marine sanctuary. I am sure the fish are very beautiful and that there will be a lot of surprises.
-----I must read "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" before I go. I will add that to my wait list at the library. This book takes place in Jamaica and I love having literature reference points when I go somewhere...."hey, I recognize that!"

One of my adventures with Husband.
The breeze and the world is majestic on Vacation. :-)

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