Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thyroid Update

Excited today. I only need to lose 23.2 pounds more of the 68 pounds that I gained when my thyroid problems shifted from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid/hashimoto's. I have had less "thyroid storms" and have actually lost weight since discontinuiing the medicine (discontinuiing the medicine was an allowable option for me).

I was on medicine because I was highly symptomatic and had problems with goiter. Now, I think that I may be able to manage the goiter and thyroid symptoms through natural methods.....researching this and I will be going to get my thyroid tested again in a few months.

This is very relieving as I am getting to a point that I can not afford the fullblown trip to the doctor every two months (for consultation and blood-testing). I am hoping and praying that I continue to show progress.

P.S. For those that make the in-correct conclusion that I must be not excercising or overeating....I am not one of those people who makes up thyroid problems as an excuse for weight. I used to be underweight (also a thyroid problem) . While I am bigger than I should be now (by 23.2 pounds) I am pretty lucky that I started out small. Also, it seems that I may still have some hyperthyroid problems at times....but this is hard to determine. I definitely should weigh much less based on physical activity (and diet) one point I was doing aerobic exercise, working out, working a physically-demanding job and walking an average of 9 or more miles a day! Some people have genuine health problems. Among other things the goiter sometimes make me feel like I am choking, I run fevers and get odd shivers, have joint/muscle pain,uncomfortable/painful swelling (which, along with other medical conditions, causes people to think I look weird), EXTREMELY dry skin,often brittle nails (razor sharp and break painfully),have Raynauds Phenomenon and gain weight unexplainably. I have been told twice that I might have cancer....but did not. I have talked to a former-paramedic who was often called for people having "thyroid storms" and she said people sometimes think they are do feel like that at points during them and have to suffer through it. The point is that real thyroid problems are not a joke....people can (and do sometimes) die from them. People are affected differently by thyroid issues...and not all of them are minor or easily fixed. Think about this when you are making a disease an excuse or making fun of it.


kathi said...

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Congratulations on the weight loss and glad to hear that your thyroid problems are getting under control. Shame on the people who try to say that thyroid problems are not real or just an excuse.


Sometimes, it bothers me more the people that try to claim thyroid problems when they don't really have much of anything. They are not symptomatic and complain as if they go through so much. I understand that the weight bothers their self-esteem but it bothers my self-esteem when they try to make out like all thyroid problems are on the same level.

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