Friday, August 14, 2009

Would you enjoy dinner at my house?

Above is some of what I have inside of my fridge (a full list is up on Flickr...some in the "notes" and some in the description).
My first ever Fridge Friday and first every Flickr photo.

By doing this I learned that I have a lot of mustards and a lot of vinegars. I already knew that I have a lot of bottles.....a LOT of bottles. What do you have in your fridge?

Beer battered cod (shown here as getting the oil off). Vegetables cooked similar to paella but with beer instead of wine. I did not have a medium-bodied ale for the cod but I did have some Miller High Life left over from a Summer tasted surprisingly perfect and very filling.

Above is an Empire Apple that we tried. From what I have read, this is actually ready early. We will try another one closer to September or a little later.

I buy one piece of fruit (vs. a whole bag) for us to sample together....Husband and I can try more things that way. I sent Husband out to get a replacement for the he forgot why it was in the fridge and accidentally ate it. After forgetting to bring home a replacement, we sampled the apple on Day 3.

I am told that the apple Husband ate was wonderfully sweet....and so was the one that we ate together. :-) I don't know that it would taste that different in September....but we will see. Empire Apples cost approximately a dollar a pound where I this apple cost about 50 cents.


David said...

i would enjoy dinner at your house regardless of what is in the fridge

happy weekend


Thank you. I hope that life is going well for you.

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