Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Next Food Network Star??

Making a "Cajun Hot Salad" with a twist. Though I do not usually like the fruit involved, I would try this. I have also never tried Macadamian Oil...but would have to be very careful about any dripping on the floor. Macadamias are very hazardous to dogs.

I actually would have found her childhood program interesting (when I was a child). More children should learn things like how to actually make an apple pie. I lament the fact that I am still puzzled by making pie crusts (at least for the top of the pie)...something I wish I had learned while growing up.


She has a lot of spunk. I could actually see her hosting a show.

I have never seen anyone mix a cake in a glass bowl...unless it was Pyrex.

She can remain fairly calm through anything.


Ruth Snyder said...

Thanks for sharing wisdom and humor :)


You are welcome. Each of these people are unique.

Someday I would love to try out for a show like this...but unless times change would have to wear a patch to disguise an unusual eye problem. I have not come to accept that society does not accept no patch that would be purely "aesthetic" and might make my eye problem worse underneath the patch for me. Besides....I am not skilled enough YET.

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