Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kitchen Adventures......

Licensed Photo. "Farmhouse Fireplace"
Taken by Roger Kirby.

-----We were going to try Manischewitz Cream Peach wine this week....apparently it is popular though as it was sold out at the store (or they just don't order it often/enough). Anyway we tried Red Concord by Manischewitz. The Red Concord was excellent....almost as good as their Blackberry. Husband said that it gave him a headache....hoping this is a fluke as we both enjoyed it and I don't want to have it be something only I can drink. Thank you to @BaraNaos for recommending the Cream Peach.
-----Within the next couple of weeks I will be making Fried Cheese. I have never eaten Fried Cheese.
-----This month, I start work on learning to make my own tortillas. I plan to buy a palote....basically a rolling pin that looks like a dowel stick and is for rolling tortillas flat and round. One of my projects will be making a homemade tortilla press for corn tortillas....but this will come later as it is more for purposes of my culinary eduction (as I do not like corn tortillas).

Some of the things we have tried in the past month:
---Barbecue Turkey Wings
---Beer-battered Cod (I have to put up a photo and they actually tasted good using Miller High Life instead of ale...all that we had.)
---(Almost)Vegan Paella

I am planning to try several Potato Pancake dishes...mainly sweet potatoes.

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