Thursday, August 20, 2009

Incident Report

You saw me working hard.....
and you made fun of me.

You saw I was different-looking....
You took advantage of someone you thought was lesser....

You know nothing about my world...and why I work.
Someday maybe you will work hard....though I doubt it.

You are not just are spoiled youth (in so many ways).

You should have looked closely at your friend (who participated)...
She did not really think it was so funny.

When I let you know with my eyes that I knew,
you looked scared.

Make fun, Pause, Stare at me...Repeat.
Make fun, Pause, Stare at me...Repeat.
I was lucky I did not stare, too.

Unspoken policy makes it so I can lose my job for telling you that you are rude...
No matter how rude you ARE.

When I got home I was literally sick....because you upset me.

I am proud of myself.....and I hope you are not.


Annie said...

I am ill from this. I hope it was your observation from afar and not your experience.

When I turned 60 (almost two years ago) I decided at that time to not keep my mouth shut anymore when I saw injustice. Granted, my opportunities have been few to exercise that decision but nevertheless . . . I have felt better for knowing that I would react in justice, not particiapte in injustice.


No this actually happened to me yesterday. Still not feeling so great but glad that I wrote something and kept my cool. I have resolved that I will write about when I experience things like this....for people to think about.

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