Monday, August 03, 2009

In My Life....

-----We went to visit my mother yesterday. She has Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I would write more on this but can't find the words to express it right now.
-----I am on page 72 of a biography of Julia Child by Laura Shapiro. I have officially decided to learn to speak French as I think this will be helpful in honing my culinary skills. I am intimidated by the fact that I have officially decided to learn to speak French.
-----We bought a dishwasher a while back but still have not been able to use it. The man we bought it from forgot to give us a part and it is too late to ask for it now. We keep calling Danby dealers and they are all either incompetent or don't answer their phones. This is a fairly common adopter that we need to attach the dishwasher to our sink (countertop model). So aggravating.
-----I detest my job. I haven't said that online in a while. Still detesting.
-----Doggie is smart...the moment you get up spreads self out where you were a bid not to have to move when you come back.


Annie said...

1. these are words enought dear one.

2. learning friend, ever to just read, is an excellent idea. so musical.

3. drat and dang

4. start asking God for direction on making a change that will be good for you and your loved ones and then act on faith.

5. i have his twin at home. i'm sure they were separated at birth.


Thank you, Annie. For your support regarding my Mother. I just don't know what to do....and know that sooner or later this will all come to a happy or tragic ending.

I am making a point of learning at least one French word a day. Yesterday's word was bleed....literally,figuratively and to bleed a tree. "Sainge"

The dishwasher is just sitting there....taunting us. :-)

I am not sure what to do on the job situation. I know what I want to do but making it happen would take two things: time and self-confidence.

:-) Smiling about our Doggies.

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