Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Will-Be-Cooked List

I started a list of things that I have never cooked with before and I will slowly be working my way through that list. Hopefully, I will be able to find all of the items at a market somewhere.
I have never cooked with:
-----Almond milk (reportedly Michael Jackson had it with granola for breakfast)
-----Kelp (supposed to increase thyroid function...and I have thyroid problems.There are some kelp items I will be trying in addition to any recipes.)
-----Soba Noodles (though I have had them and had them cooked for me)
-----Miso (eaten this plenty of times)
-----Pine Nuts (never tasted one)
-----Muscovado Sugar
-----Cashew butter
-----Curry Powder
-----Sesame Seeds
-----Seitan (wonder how this is pronounced and I have never had)
-----Fleur de Sel (maybe I have had this....haven't paid attention to sea salt labels)
-----Tofu (I don't counting heating up veggie burgers as having cooked with it)
-----Edamame (though I will not be able to taste/eat due to thyroid issues)

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