Tuesday, August 04, 2009

-----I am on page 87 of a biography of Julia Child written by Laura Shapiro. I am excited to see the movie Julie & Julia.
-----We got four ears of corn out of our garden today. They were smaller than store corn but so perfect-tasting....way better than buying it at a grocery store.
-----I want to try to go to Jungle Jim's International Market in Cincinnati sometime this year. The prices are really very reasonable....so I could treat it as a regular shopping trip.
-----We got a sample of Degree Silver Ion Deodorant in the mail today.This is the first deodorant(not an antiperspirant) with Silver Ion Technology. Silver ions are "high-tech odor fighters so effective the are used by sports brands, the military and even space agencies to fight odor in their top performance apparel. Husband is usually hard to get to try products but says he will use this one. Husband says that he likes the smell (so far). The scent is called "Arctic Edge."
-----Doggie made progress on newest trick today "Pledge" as in "I Pledge Allegiance." Doggie's latest trick before that was to come when you call "Tribble." Funny when Doggie is first learning a trick....at first will do every trick known all in a row just so won't have to do the new one. Doggie's little protest is especially funny considering one of the tricks known is "Play Dead."

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