Saturday, August 22, 2009

A home full of new fun.

My dream home is somewhere out there.
Maybe someday I won't just be going by the beautiful sunsets.

I have blogged about this before. I sometimes like to look at house plans. That sounds unusual but I have several loved ones who have attempted to build their own homes....only to run into economic difficulty and not be able to finish.

Husband does not often seem amicable to building anything other than a two-story workshop (guess who would use that)....because he has heard of all the difficulty that can be involved in building your own house.

I think that with a lot of planning, a good house plan, a few consultants and plenty of research anyone can build there "dream home"....or two-story workshop with extra bedrooms/apartments on top. Some families want to have the first college graduate...I want to have the first successful house-building (or fancy workshop). :-)

The site I go to most often to ponder home plans is "" (a division of "HDA, Inc.").

By looking around I have learned:
-----I like houses with both a garage and a convience carport built in. The carport part has to be aesthetically-pleasing. We almost bought a carport not long ago....but it should have said "shopping cart port" in the ad....thought I would share the humor.
-----That A-frame homes are a good choice if their is a lot of snowfall....slooped roofs. They can also be arhitecturally beautiful.
-----You can find house plans with atriums. I have known of people who liked to use these to have skylights above fairly large trees growing indoors. I would modify an atrium so it wasn't so open my "dream house" there would be a truly stunning glass-walled aviary somewhere.
-----There are house plans that specifically address the needs of people who are living on the beach or coast (houses built on stilts, the wearing down of materials that salty conditions could cause, piers for protection and so on). If we move at some point, I can think of at least three considered locations where this kind of building technique would be very helpful.
-----I have learned that I don't know what a "Craftsman" home is. I have heard the term so many times...and plan to try to figure it out.
-----Though I like the space of luxury dream home plans....I am more into cottages and cabins. It fits in better with my interests in using as much of the lot space for urban farming as possible....and looks adorable,too.
-----A Cape Cod house can have a similar feel to a cottage...but might be better if one is planning to have for growth.
-----Though I have relatives that seem to love this look Colonial or Early American is not for me....unless I were planning a short stay at the White House. I do like pillars....indoors. I am OK with (and sometimes fond of) the pillars that some Farmhouses have (still would not see a need for us to build something of that size).
-----I think that we have to take the fact that we have a lot of guests into consideration. A few guest bedrooms and a spacious living room (for couch-borrowers) would be nice.
-----There are even Florida house plans on this site. :-) Florida sounds really good sometimes. I love the beautiful foliage there.
-----Special needs like waterfront property, living in a sunbelt and living in low country (swampy areas,for instance) can be addressed in ones building plan. A possibility that I think many architects overlook....ask people whose houses flood over and over whether they think my hypothesis is correct on this.

-----"House Plans and More" offers free shipping. That's good....I don't have to spend chunks of time searching for a serviceable coupon code or waiting for a sale to knock out the shipping.
-----It's not just house plans and the like that HDA does. From what I understand HDA is the company that provides all the great books when you go into Lowes and other stores.

-----P.S. If we get the fancy workshop, I get a kitchen expansion and/or my own studio/dance area. There will also be a fancy greenhouse. This is incentive for me to lean towards the workshop project (practically a house itself).


The Unproductive One said...

I hope you manage to find your dream home sooner rather than later!



Thank you very much for the kind thought.

I will be heading over to your blog soon. I am curious about the name "The Unproductive One." :-)

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