Monday, August 17, 2009

Does your house smell good??

I made some tea/air freshener the other day....yes, you read that right. My tea base consists of water,large splashes of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract and some artificial vanilla. It is the tea base that I walk around the house with until there is little steam. After freshening the house a bit, I proceed to continue making my tea.
:-) Yes, I am a little weird.

Scent is something that I have been experimenting with lately. One of my favorite scents is a "salon candle" that I got at a beauty supply and some other scent....a beautiful green color. They must make candles for salons to be of better quality. It was not something that I would normally buy....a tad expensive....but I had to return some items and was only allowed store credit.

Candle pictured with some peach scent (for making candles).


An experiment I need to try.
I have heard/read several people saying that apples,potatoes and onions all taste the same....and it is only smelling that makes a difference. Hmm.


Sleepypete said...

Last time I had people round here, I had the bright idea (I know, I know, "bright ideas" should be put firmly under control...) of getting an air freshener thing ...

I first thought my wheezing after cleaning was the dust disturbed by the cleaning but it was actually allergy to the air freshener !

Ho hum. Open windows beats the air freshener this time around :-) Good job I don't live near any smelly factories ...

The vanilla tea sounds good - I used to go between strawberry milkshake and vanilla milkshake but can't get the vanilla stuff any more.


We open windows at times, too. I just try to come up with multiple/economical ways to make sure that having a Doggie doesn't take over the air. :-)

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