Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clean the Fridge Thursday.....

Items that Met Demise:
-----Smucker's Chocolate Fudge...possibly too old.
-----Smucker's Pineapple Topping....again, too old. Our freezer tends to make ice cream get too many ice crystals....quickly. We just don't get ice cream that often unless we have a smaller portion that we are going to eat right away. I feel like ice cream is not very economical for us. Our ice cream choices definitely don't always use pineapple sauce (or chocolate fudge for that matter). I will be happy when we get a deep freeze....which I don't think we could get unlucky enough to have do the same ice-crystal-super-growth-thing.
-----Two dollops left in Heinz Dijon.Expired.
-----Pesto. Expired. We never seem to have luck with pesto....expired when purchased,doesn't taste good,etc. My solution is that I will start making my own pesto.
-----4 Strawberries that got pushed to back of fridge. These were not moldy just dried up.
-----Packet of Fujisan Soy Sauce that seems to have fallen behind the crisper drawer some time ago. This was from California Rolls or some other of the tamer sushi (meaning cooked not raw) that I always buy when I am out and about after having a particularly bad day.
-----Packet of Fujisan Ginger found behind the crisper drawer,too. I need to put packets in a different location obviously. Last fridge cleaning session the casualty under the odd crisper drawer back was 5 or 6 Dove chocolates (put in fridge because of heat....must have fallen out of bag or over top of container when things got moved around). I am lucky that Sauce-Packet-Deaths have not resulted in splatters all over the fridge.

Removed from Fridge Top:
-----Book of Biblical reflections. I do not remember the story of how this got on top of refrigerator.
-----Small clothes-pin-shaped of the many bag clips I use. Glad it didn't have a similar demise to the sauce packets. I sorted all of the clips today...those with metal pieces that I don't want in fridge went in one Ziploc and those all plastic went in another....then they all went in the silverware drawer.
-----2 pill bottles that we re-use for nuts,bolts,etc. Relocated to junk drawer.
-----Wine cork from a special bottle I got for Christmas (Prairie Moon Honey Moon Red). I thought about saving the cork...but we already saved the bottle. If it works well, I might start using non-sentimental corks for a stamping or decorating project. :-)
-----Box of 16 shot glasses from various locations. Thrift shop find. Needs to make its way to sister-in-law.
-----Last treat left in the box from Doggie who passed away. Gave treat to our puppy (also known as Doggie) and cut part of the label for a memory album page.
-----Almost full bag of basted treats. They always seem to give Doggie problems (constipation,etc.). I am sad about the waste of money as I don't think anyone else will want them. I would not recommend basted dog treats to anyone....too much food coloring.
-----Piece of banana bread and a bag of microwave popcorn. These were moved to my stomach. :-)


Angel said...


I need to do that actually. But I have a cup that we put all of our sauce packs in that goes in the door... might help with the sauce-death-splaters.


I had a Ziploc bag but I threw them out when they got too old.You can only use so many extra sauce packets (and I usually collect them from everyone with us rather than throwing them out). For some reason I always keep the sushi stuff separate but did not notice when they were missing. I definitely need to work on my sauce packet usage and organization.

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