Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tofu Goodness??

I am reading Deborah Madison's book "This Can't Be Tofu!" I have thyroid problems and can't eat tofu but I want to learn to cook with it. Husband is really leery of the tofu. I guess this idea needs to go to a back burner until I can find someone to eat my efforts (and have some spare money for experimentations that neither of us will definitely eat).

Only 75, this will be an easy read.

-----I found out that there are tofu smoothies. From the acknowledgements in the book, I am wondering if there is a place that serves these at Walt Disney World.
-----I added "Book of Tofu" by Bill Shurtleff and Aikiko Ayogi to wait list at the library.
-----Tofu has isoflavonoids that can help soften menopause and protect against breast cancer. My Mother has Stage 4 Breast Cancer....but it would take a lot to get her to try tofu.
-----Some preliminary research findings on isoflavonoids.


What do you eat when you eat alone? I eat tomatoes with salt on them, apples with salt on them, Spanish rice and home-made soup. I sometimes have leftovers if dining by myself. I drink a lot of water and tea when I am alone.

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