Friday, August 07, 2009

Potatoes.....and yet more eyesight drawbacks for me.

I just got done watching "The Potato Show" episode of Julia Child's "The French Chef." Four potato recipes are prepared. Julia also demonstrates how to flip items....have courage and just do it. I will try this.

I wonder if my unusual eyesight will get in the way of flipping. I only see half of everything everyone else does, have no peripheral vision and see only in two it might be hard for me to see/react to the movement of items I am flipping.

It never occurred that my eyesight problems might hinder me in culinary classes. I know that it might in some of the art classes that I am planning and/or required to take (3D design, for instance). I am now nervous about knife skills and must think about some ideas to overcome this issue. Groan....but I guess I am glad that I realized this now vs. when I lose a finger.


Sleepypete said...

I may have a little too much peripheral vision ... I can pick up movement in an arc that must be at least 200 degrees :-) Which gets the BM girls nervous when they think I'm watching them walking up the corridors.

The depth perception thing is how I know when I'm needing new glasses. If they're bad, then I have trouble seeing where the cricket balls heading my way are going to land :-) Embarassing when you put yourself where you think you'll catch it and it lands 10 feet behind you.

I bet you'll figure out an alternate method for the flipping and the Sharp N Pointy's :-) Maybe even from using other things to line up on (like me with the helmet and batting, I quickly realised I could use the rim to make sure my head & eyes were perfectly level)


This is why I have decided not to go anymore into depth for my education. I need to learn knife skills and certain art skills at my own pace. I am trying to make myself let go of the vanity that I need to have an actual Phd....something I have always wanted. I have wasted a good deal of money on my education....and I am not satisfied with its quality.

If I start self-educating, I will come out of it with equipment that I can actually use for my future business.....for the same money or for far less. I have started carefully compiling my own version of syllabus....based on some of the best culinary, business, etc. schools in the country/world.

I am still trying to figure out how long my new plans will all take me. This will take a lot of determination but I think it is the better way.

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