Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Blog of Difference.....

Well here is my old blog and my start on a Confident Writing project who's theme is "possibility." The idea is to explore new ways of explore your comfort zones. I did a lot considering that I came to the project pretty late...I only had 8 days to expand my blog horizons. Many have been doing this project for about a, I plan a follow-up post showing further Transformations. Anyway,.....on to the Difference.

The new blog has my Flickr photostream at the top...something I started this week. I have found that there are a lot of neat people on Flickr. I know that I am going to be a super-prolific "note" adder.

I added a Breast Cancer graphic at the top. I plan to use more graphics to decorate. I put the important things at the that means thoughts and prayers. My Mother has Stage 4....and I also decided to start explaining what that really means. I need to start examining what my Mother's cancer means to my emotions and chronicle my struggles to get a recommended mammogram w/no insurance.

All advertising was examined. If it was something that was expired or I wanted to remove it for now....down it came. I am a fan of Izea which was at the top and wish that I could go can bet that I will be blogging about what I learn from those who attend. I need to find some sort of fun way to blog my virtual impressions of conventions.....I must mull this. I think my can't-attend-the-convention-but-it-is-neat-place-to-go blogging will involve giveaways.

-----The CNN political ticker made it's way to the bottom of the blog.
-----Entrecard moved as there no more paid advertising and it does not have to be above "the fold" anymore. This excercise made me realize a LOT about things that I had been doing for a long time.
-----My profile has not been updated since January. I have a DETAILED profile and always try to keep it up-to-date on my interests.
-----My prayer/thought vigil was include Memorials of people that the world should not forget on the side of the blog. If there is still something that can be done for the people (i.e. someone who has been missing for a long time), I will add info about that too. I am moving even more to treating my sidebar as a place to include more blog-like posts that say what is important to me.
-----I really thought about my blog. What it says to others....and what it says to others after I pass away someday (if it is left up). I want my blog to be a gift to real-life and virtual loved ones. I hope that I can translate all that I care about onto the virtual page.

-----A "Contact" area was added over in the sidebar. I will be having a LOT of snailmail fun with readers. If you want to send me a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), then see my sidebar.....and I will send you one back.
-----I need people to actually play my Akoha cards after I give them. I am going to add an appeal about this soon. Akoha is a "Play It Forward" game....emphasizes kindness and making the world better. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to play an Akoha mission with you.
-----Maybe you should get a Bloggy mailbox and have some fun with your blog readers.

-----I did not just suffer or just complain when I was mistreated because of my odd-looking eye problem. I wrote a poem about when it happened at work.....called "Incident Report."
-----I resolved that I would talk about when people mistreat me about my eye is a daily encounter of my life. This week taught me to stand up A LOT.
-----On Blip, Froosh posted "America's Greatest Hero-Believe It or Not." I am going to use this as an anthem-posting. I will regularly list the things that I am proud of myself for.
-----I concentrated more on really exploring myself in sponsored posting....something I did before. I am particularly proud of this cruise post.
-----I started FREQUENTLY updating "deal" posts. I really want to point readers to deals...we can all use help in this troubled economy. Arby's has a deal for August 26....get a FREE Roast Beef n Cheddar sandwich with a soft drink purchase. :-)

-----If I virtually meet you and really admire something about you, I will point it out to the world. Complete with a "Glad to Know Ya" graphic.
-----I do not birdwatch nearly enough birds. I do see a lot of birds online.....look at the Kestrel I found. Expect to see more Virtual Birdwatching and for me to expand on this concept.

-----My first week of participating in Tackle It Tuesday. I will be storing my cookbooks in the bedroom....because it makes sense for me.
-----The Heads or Tails Meme made me decide that I am going to start compiling immense lists of my recipe finds. Here is what I am interested in for Sierra Nevada pale ale as an ingredient.

----"Positive Economic Signs" was taken out as a section. I finally acknowleged that right now I don't find many positive economic signs.
-----More reviews....LOTS more. I need to keep up with when I intend to write a review. I loved reading this James Beard book on soup. The plan is to actually put up reviews on Amazon...something I have never done. Who knows, I might actually get accepted into the Amazon Vine Program.

-----I love unusual ice creams. So it makes sense for me to start a comprehensive list of my finds in the sidebar. :-) Bobby Flay's Maple Spice Ice Cream looks good.

-----A new project...."23 Things."
-----Groups I have joined on Flickr.

-----Chronicles of dinner efforts at my house.
-----In general, more photos of my life.
-----My new institution...."Clean the Fridge Thursday."

-----Honest coverage of what I am learning about life....for instance on making mistakes and making changes.

-----I decide to share more of my thyroid struggles.....particularly the weight loss issue. I have struggled and actually lost weight...but it was a uphill struggle. I have 23.2 pounds left to lose. I am planning to do a section called "Real Weight Loss" .....meaning I will be candid. Our bathroom scale with its actual reading will become a prominent feature.

The new blog has new Flickr stream at the top. I only have three photos right now...but they are diligently noted. I am going to have a lot of fun exploring my world and that of others on here. If you have not tried Flickr, you really should.

-----I obviously learned how to manage the screenshot utility well. :-) On Blogger you have to split up the page (with occasional overlap). Then you add your shots in reverse order....five images at a time. That is another thing I will do....sharing SOME of my blogging tips.
----I did not include all 50-some screenshots of my old blog. :-)
-----Something I wanted to do a long time ago is start indulging in something like Disney's "Hidden Mickeys"....extra gifts to the studious reader and an adventure to see if people notice. So, that being said....let us see if Ben Spark notices that I said the hat and facial hairdo suit him.



Kristin said...

Wow, you've done a lot of hard work on your blog...and a lot of soul searching about what it means. I am impressed.



Thank you, Kristin. I really enjoy blogging....and always feel like there is so much more that I can do. I like when someone notices my efforts. *blushing*

Joanna Young said...

I'm glad the project gave you the prompt to do some soul searching and reflection on your blogging intention - there's always so much to be learned from what we chose to share!

Thanks for taking part, and best wishes to you and your mother


Thank you, Joanna. I am glad to see that you EXTENDED the project. It gives me so much time to try to impress myself....a fun thing to do. Not impressing myself in an egotistical way...but in a GROWTH way.

Thank you very much....very much...for noticing about my Mother. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.


isabella mori said...

WOW! you bowl me over. i don't even know where to start ...

so i'll just join joanna in extending good wishes to your mother. this is particularly meaningful to me because someone very close to me has stage 4 breast cancer, as well. (has had it for a number of years and has survived doctors' predictions by at least two years now - yay!)


The doctors have not made a prediction of years for my Mother. They say that once she has the surgery and radiation the cancer will be 100% gone. I am hoping that she is strong enough for the surgery soon.

Thank you for the compliment Isabella. I am so excited that the project has been extended and hope that I am able to do a lot more.

I found a nice bookclub called "Be the Change" today and I hope that pans out to be something astounding.

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