Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning about myself and about mistakes.

7 dumb things we do....and how to avoid doing them.

After reading the article linked to above, I disagree with part of the 2nd one. I think that whether you see yourself as more attractive than others do depends on your self-esteem. Due to my eye problems and odd swelling from thyroid, I often see myself as a lot less attractive then loved ones see me. I am also pretty freaked out by the perceptions of strangers....who often make their distaste for my looks known. On a good day, I realize that I am not often extremely unusual-looking...but that my particular problems sometimes cause overreactions in others (and sometimes oversensitivity/overrreaction in me).

I identify with the multi-tasking issue....though I don't like to admit it since I take such joy from multi-tasking. There is so much that I want to do with this blog...but every day when I sit down to do it it seems like I am uncontrollably distracted by one blog task or another (to the point where I just don't get done most of what I intended). I am hoping to change that via the challenge that I took up recently.....a challenge about writing comfort zones. I am going to go out of my comfort zones and make this blog more of what I really want it to be. I am going to get my blog (and life) organized to the thoroughness that I want.....and have my multi-tasking be more of the asset that I find it to be.

Coming back to eye problems, the article talks about when a person looks straight at something but does not see it. There is an actual eye condition this reminds me is called "psychic blindness"....Agnosia. I wonder if not seeing things in accidents is often caused by some form of Agnosia.

Changes expected as a result of this article:
-----Frequent writing about my experiences with my eye problem. The eye issue (wandering oddly....but different than a lazy eye) is a daily part of my it should feature in my personal blog. Maybe I will teach myself and others something by exploring this.
-----Chronicles of my organization and multi-tasking efforts. I will actually start posting for "Tackle It Tuesday." I will start also start sharing my Fridge Pictures on Friday.....would help inspire my culinary education efforts and make me keep my fridge organized (having to waste anything is a pet peeve of mine).


Sleepypete said...

It's always easy (and natural) to get hurt by idiots who have problems with what you look like. But always remember, their intolerance for the differences of others is a far more serious problem.

Our differences make us strong ! And interesting :-) There's someone new who started on our project about a month ago. Looks like a princess. But ... I'm not particularly interested in talking to her cos in 1 month of trying the Grin (tm), I've not spotted much sign of personality in there ... I'd rather talk to the flawed but Fun people.

It's the intolerant people who have the problem and it's made worse by them not realising how hurtful they can be. Hang in there :-)

PS It's a shame the Thursday Thirteen hub shut down - not done one of those for a while. I can see a Fridge Friday coming though :-)


I look forward to your Fridge Friday post. When effort is put into these,I find them so fascinating.

I miss Thursday Thirteen....there is a substitute somewhere but I keep losing track of it.

Thank you so very much for the supportive comments. It takes a rare (read this as extremely cruel person) to get to me on the eye issue....or perhaps several moderately cruel people. I try to be charitable about it...but peoples' actions on this matter puzzle me. My friends are all unique....and none of them are like these people....and that's the way I like it.

The main problem is when I am at work. I need to find an at-home job where I can handle the public in small doses....sad but true.

No amount of patience and being one's self will change some....though I have won over some of the bullies. I have always said I would not hide myself like many do....but that is starting to have its appeal. To pick and choose the situations that I can handle....and leave when I please.

My online writing efforts are slowly paying off. Recently, I actually made 45.50 cents off one of my posts....and it was a lot of fun. I feel honored that someone thinks my opinions are worth this much. Among other things, I would love to be a writer....part time as I obviously have many other life goals.

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