Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(Almost) Vegan Paella

This week we made the Vegan Paella from "7 Easy Vegan Recipes to Get You Through Your First Week of Veganism."
-----We used a large LARGE Vidalia onion. The way Husband chopped the pieces was perfect. They shrank to the perfect size as they were cooking. Should go without saying but do not let the onions get dark/crispy...or will have totally the wrong taste.
-----I thought about using a garlic olive oil and may do it when I want a little different taste.
-----I did not worry about using organic items.
-----Brown rice can, of course, take a long while to cook.
-----We had three cans of veggie stock and one of beef. I did not notice until it was already poured that Husband accidentally bought beef. I think that 1/4 of beef
stock really made the dish. The Swanson's Beef Stock only had 18% sodium (versus the veggie broth's 39%).
-----For wine we used a 2007 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Gris. It is from the Sonoma Valley and contains peach,honeydew,citrus and spices.
-----I did not have a 16 oz tomato can. I did have a 14.5 oz can and was not going to open another can for such a little amount.
----Tarragon is expensive. Borrow a little if you know someone who has a lot of spices.
-----I used minced garlic from a jar.
-----Red peppers are expensive right now. $1.50 for a single pepper! Husband managed to get one that was just the right color/flavor. It was truly a sweet pepper.
-----I did not use celery. I used carrots. The carrots were kind of hard and dry so I added them early.
-----Husband said the mushrooms were really good.
-----Since we are very particular about done-ness, I added the peas early.
-----I added the cashews early. They turned out nice and soft. They picked up all the flavors, still had a little crunch and were perfect. I did these before I started prepping veggies. I put them on the cutting board, put two pieces of wax paper on top (one of which was then reusuable) and pounded with a small hammer....doing it this way with a paper towel will only result in holes in the paper towel.
----With the beef broth the meal was we did not add sea salt and pepper.
-----There was the wine to drink with the meal. My advice if you drink wine while cooking, is to learn the difference between a regular wine glass and a Zinfandel glass....or cooking could be a bit of a dizzy adventure if you walk too fast. Husband is laughing at me.

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