Friday, July 10, 2009

BluFrog is fun.

There is a fun BluFrog contest that is now in it's final days. I have just entered. :-)

Prize is to choose an experience:
-----Gaming package. Xbox 360 Elite Gaming System w/Rock Band 2 bundle.
-----New Year's Eve in New York
-----Richard Petty Driving Experience
-----Winter X Games in Aspen

If I won, I would choose the Richard Petty Driving Experience. I would take my Husband with....and count it as a great Birthday present (no matter what time of year we went). If finances permitted, and I would arrange it so they would, we would stay long enough to visit Walt Disney World. One of the best parts of the trip would be all of the photos that I could get of Husband smiling. If I don't win, I will still do this trip....just later rather than sooner. :-)

What is BluFrog?
An energy drink that I got to try around St. Patrick's Day. Husband and I took it on a road trip with us and had a nice toast to our Love (we are sappy and have toasts like this often). In a lot of ways, it is healthier than many energy drinks (including Red Bull).

What we thought of BluFrog?
-----I like it. It reminded me of guava juice (which I am fond of). I like that it has real fruit and does not have a strange aftertaste like Red Bull.
-----Husband was neutral about it. Apparently, Husband likes Red Bull. I need to ask Husband if there is a sugar crash after he is done drinking Red Bull. BluFrog has a lot less sugar than Red Bull.
-----I feel the serving size is perfect. It is just the right size for a boost without getting too much caffeine.
-----Husband and I both agreed on one thing: we like the can.

BluFrog...the official website covers all the newest developments. Blu Frog is everywhere....including Daytona. :-)

Video is an introduction to money-making with BluFrog.


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