Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hell's Kitchen. Season 6, Episode 1

-----It was nice to hear JP speak French. I liked the beginning of the show a lot.
-----I thought the new credit/cast sequence was clever.
-----Unfortunately, I sometimes have to agree with the atmosphere pictured in the opening credits (watch it and then watch some of the previews and what I mean will be obvious). The violence and comments are starting to tend a bit towards Jerry Springer.
-----The "backflip" guy really should do one...or learn to do one. Than again, it seems like there are going to have a lot of injuries this season.

-----What would your signature dish be?
I think mine would still be a Sherry-Mushroom-Onion Soup. I currently use Johnsonville Stadium Brats for the meat...really, good actually. I plan to try this with Sirloin,also.

-----When do the women get to be the blue team?

-----I have never had ostrich. I wondered what you would season it with. I found recipes from the American Ostrich Association.
I am interested in:
Ostrich Steak with Balsamic Vinegar and Honey
Herb Marinated Ostrich
Honey Glazed Ostrich Shish-Kebabs
Ostrich and Shrimp in Roasted Garlic Sauce

-----Pan-seared brussels sprouts....I will have to try that (heard of such but never cooked myself). Occasionally, I have problems cooking brussels sprouts to the proper done-ness....was surprised to see that others do. I am passionate about brussels sprouts and try to convert others to them....a misunderstood vegetable as people often don't prepare them correctly (hence, they taste bitter,etc.).@jeremya tells me that brussels sprouts taste good cut in half and roasted with olive oil and salt.
-----I am impressed with Tek's determination...hoping that she keeps that. I thought her dish was beautiful and I have never seen anything like it.
-----This is not the diner cooking competition. If it were cooked well, I would probably love the diner dish though...because I really like diner food.
-----I could do without all the sexist comments, comments about peoples weight and appearance,etc.
-----Well the lack of studying the recipe books...we have seen that before.
-----It was nice to see some new routines. I learn a lot from the menus and techniques on Hell's Kitchen. I Google everything mentioned that I don't already understand.
-----I love Ariel's hair and freckles....beautiful.
-----I would like to learn more this year about preserving the color in my food.
-----There's a primal instinct in men that tells them how to cook meat??
-----I was amazed by how many portions of noodles were put in the bin and how much lamb was botched. I would imagine that the lamb was a very costly mistake and would think that it should have been refrigerated for something else.
-----Putting something in the freezer that shouldn't have been? I am sure there are thermometers in easy viewing that might have given a clue. Also, sure that this is the type of question that would be answered if asked. Simply, stepping in a restaurant freezer there would possibly be times where you could not tell the difference (if it did not seem cold to you and did not see evidence of things being frozen).

-----I agreed with Ramsay's elimination choice.

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