Monday, July 20, 2009

In My Life....

-----Wondering if there are people still calling to phase out the penny.
-----I feel like re-watching "Superman Returns." I have added this to my wait-list at the library.
-----I really need to start concentrating on drinking more water.
-----Reading about the different vibrating mascaras that are available. I wonder what they are powered by. Vibrating mascaras have been on the market for about a year....but I have never seen or heard of them until today. I must look for vibrating mascara at the supermarket. Maybe I can find a company to send me a sample. @Karoli told me that she has a vibrating mascara and that it takes 1/2 the time to apply. I was concerned that the vibrating mascara might make a worse mess if you miss where aiming....but @Karoli says that it is hard to miss and that she hasn't yet. I have never succeeded in find a company that allows you to try mascara (too bad since I buy little as it clumps,flakes and sometimes irritates my eyes/skin). I think it is a strong bet that I will go out and buy a vibrating mascara within the next few months.

Note: Comments are temporarily closed on this post....due to the fact that someone saw that I used the word "vibrating" and decided to link their "profiles" to porn 19 times!

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