Friday, July 31, 2009

In My Life....

-----I couldn't help but laugh a little at the Barney portion of Jurassic Park III.
-----I am so looking forward to seeing "Julie & Julia." From what I have read Julia Child did not start really cooking until she was 32.....that makes me feel that I can one day be a great Chef. :-) I am currently reading a biography of Julia Child written by Laura Shapiro.
-----It was a surprise to me (though not as much when I thought about it) to find that Julia Child did not like Julia Powell's blog. Perhaps Julia Powell did get real learning out of the experiment....just did not realize how much at that stage in life. It is my understanding that Julia Powell found her to be more an emotional mentor then a culinary mentor....but I have not seen the movie yet. I am jealous of people on Twitter who say they have already seen the movie at the various premiere-type events.
-----I skimmed the novelization of Superman Returns done by Marv Wolfman. I was disappointed to find that it was almost impossible to draw the same conclusions that were pretty much openly given in the movie. I need to read the story more closely if I have time....and see if I am still disappointed.
-----We re-watched Superman Returns...borrowed from the library. Coincidence....after going through all this trouble to re-watch, the movie is now going to be on television (tonight I think).
-----I knew that there was a British East India Company....but did not know of the Swedish East India Company. Reading about Swedish Punsch. I am wondering if I can find recipes that use Punsch.
-----I want to learn more about Jean Schuster....the member who disbanded the original Paris Surrealist group.

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