Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hell's Kitchen. Season 6, Episode 3

-----Let's just say that I agreed with Chef Ramsay's early actions on this episode.
-----Lovely was likely horrified/mortified by the mistake she made last episode. I would be.
-----I wish that the elimination at the beginning could have gone some other way.
-----I hope that the Chefs consoled Ramsay after Joseph's behavior. I know someone that reminds me of Joseph. I have a feeling that he really wants to do good in the world but does not feel respected or given a chance himself...just a guess. I wonder what/if Joseph had to say about the incident. From the little research I have done, I would say that this was the beginning of Joseph's career....this is sad.
-----Robert must feel like a ping pong ball.
-----Put on your game face. With so much at stake, I would hope that I would manage to do this no matter what was thrown on me.
-----I am getting REALLY tired of the easy shots that are being taken by making plays on Lovely's name. I am sure this is not the first time she has experienced this treatment. @cheflovely is on Twitter and I think I will ask her if it bothers her when people use her name as a less-than-kind play on words.
-----I need to utilize all my kitchen equipment when trying to cook large amounts.
-----Hmmm. I must search for unusual garlic bread recipes.
-----Glad that Chef Ramsay was looking at portions and considering who was eating.
-----Ariel is starting to display leadership. I wonnder when people will start getting hostile to her. Who is the captain on the Blue Team?
-----Hmmm. Van isn't being loud lately.
-----Good idea on Dave's part....the volunteering.
-----I see on the internet that some people think the earlier confrontation was staged. I don't think so.
-----I learned that scallops are supposed to have color on them. If too much oil is in the pan, then it marinates them instead of sauteing properly.
-----I would feel very frustrated with myself if I were Robert.
-----Tennille really reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg.
-----I am glad that Chef recognized Ariel's efforts. I could see when he was noting that as the service progressed...but you never know when Chef Ramsay is going to view something as leadership or arrogance. A lot of times leadership has turned into arrogance on this show.
-----Did I miss something? Not one word from Van on this episode? Just a cameras noticing him a few times. Will we not hear any more uproar from Van? Is he suddenly getting along with JP or are they just being kept separate from each other? Van is a chef at the French Room.
-----Robert is starting to upset me. He said things that I felt were inappropriate last season. This season I was repulsed by one of the comments he made on this episode.
-----I did not agree with the choices for elmination nominees. I did not agree with who was kept.

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

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