Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shopping Cooties, Respectful Jurors and Kitlers

-----The "five second rule" in shopping. There is a difference between real cooties and perceived cooties. Ever wonder why stores that don't recycle throw all the returned bags out??....it's because enough customers complain that the old bags might have germs. Which shopping precautions do you think are legitimate and which do you think are irrational?
-----A post about how one should behave while at jury duty. This applies to people who are called to jury everywhere (not just in Philadelphia where the post takes place). Let us hope that the cell phones especially are taken from people who sneak them in.
-----3 years ago, I posted about this cat that looked like Hitler. I don't know that I could have a cat that looked like Hitler (besides the allergies that I sometimes get with cats).I noticed that the Hitler cats site has expanded greatly...they are called "Kitlers."

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