Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Continued cooking adventures.....

Licensed Photo. "Farmhouse Fireplace"
Taken by Roger Kirby.

-----We made barbecue turkey wings this month. Excellent.
-----We made (Almost)Vegetarian Paella this week. The house smelled so good during the cooking and after.
-----My thoughts on Season 6, Episode 3 of "Hell's Kitchen." Right now I am cheering for Ariel,Suzanne and that order.
-----Next month, I start work on learning to make my own tortillas. I plan to buy a palote....basically a rolling pin that looks like a dowel stick and is for rolling tortillas flat and round. One of my projects will be making a homemade tortilla press for corn tortillas.

I started a list of things that I have never cooked with before and I will slowly be working my way through that list. Hopefully, I will be able to find all of the items at a market somewhere.
I have never cooked with:
Almond milk (reportedly Michael Jackson had it with granola for breakfast)
Kelp (supposed to increase thyroid function...and I have thyroid problems)
Soba Noodles (though I have had them and had them cooked for me)
Miso (eaten this plenty of times)
Pine Nuts (never tasted one)
Muscovado Sugar
Curry Powder
Sesame Seeds
Seitan (wonder how this is pronounced and I have never had)
Fleur de Sel (maybe I have had this....haven't paid attention to sea salt labels)
Tofu (I don't counting heating up veggie burgers as having cooked with it)
Edamame (though I will not be able to taste/eat due to thyroid issues)


Annie said...

I have cooked with kelp, curry powder, scallions, sesame seeds , pine nuts, and tofu. Love tofu. Your lists of not cooked with proves to me that as a non-adventurous cooker, I merely have more exotic tastes. LOL


My family did not try any of these growing up....nor would they even have considered most of them. As an adult, I got to the point where I wanted to try everything safe/moral that I could. I have a lot of fun trying things.

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