Monday, July 20, 2009

My Long-Awaited Apple

Chef Ben Ford tells how to pick produce. I was surprised that I am basically doing it correctly. The restaurant that Chef mentioned, Ford's Filling Station, is in Culver City, California.

I just called Husband to repeat the apple instructions to him. He accidentally ate the Empire apple that I had in the refrigerator....forgetting that it was for us to share,use part of in a salad and for my blog. I am told that the Empire Apple tasted good and was sweet (though not in season).

I asked Husband to replace the Empire apple while he was out and about yesterday....and he forgot! Hopefully, we will be having an apple this evening.

I am planning to try different fruits that Husband I have not had....buying one at a time is an economical way to blog about it and enables us to try more.

Update: Husband did remember that apple this time. I will take a picture of the apple and post it tomorrow. He also brought cherries. :-)

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