Friday, July 10, 2009


-----The BBC has received complaints about its extensive coverage of Michael Jackson
-----Interesting last line....a thought about Michael Jackson's children.

I am interested (and was before as can be found in some places in my blog) in how the media approaches the Michael Jackson "stories." At times, I think coverage is inaccurate, in-compassionate and unfair. I try to read the coverage in little bits and use logic.

I have not gotten through the Memorial yet. I have just seen clips (particularly the Paris Jackson clip that is so featured) and photos. I have no real interest in seeing the musical spectacular....though I will at a time when I do not have problems with it sometimes being presented as such.

The other thing that I have hesitated on viewing the Memorial is the sheer sensory overload. I try to avoid situations where I might have strong emotions or judgments. I think taking the entertainment world (even grief) in small doses is sometimes better for my emotional health.

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