Sunday, July 12, 2009

My "100 Things About Me" is slowly being completed.

1.I don't really like the Onion (satire). I don't often find it funny. I have been trying to give the videos a chance as of many people are fans.
2.My Doggie is able to say "I love you." Doggie is also able to play dead and to beg....but sometimes does these before you ask (in anticipation of possible treats).
3.I detest superficial people.Be real and enjoy life. I wish I did not spend so much time being upset about the way superficial people treat others.
4.Eventually I will have many,many Christmas cacti. Right now, I have three. Make that 2 as I gave one to someone as a part of the Play-It-Forward game Akoha.
5. I am impressed by Jarvis' rendering time in Iron Man. I wish creating things really worked that least if you were creating something for a morally-correct purpose.
6. I want the CW series "Valentine" to come back.There are four episodes up on Hulu...but I know more were shot. At the very least, couldn't what was shot be put up on Hulu?
7. I wish that there were more kindness and compassion in the world. I see so much that is just the opposite.
8. I also want the Internet series "QuarterLife" back. I was glad to see the actor who played Eric on Quarterlife in an episode of Valentine (which, of course, has also been discontinued).
9. I am a big fan of BlogHer and other things that empower a woman. I am not a militant feminist....just a believer in the fact that women can have a beautiful strength. :-) I would like to attend BlogHer in person at some point (instead of just reading about it and attending the virtual version in Second Life).
10. I play a mean/insane game of Munchkin. Funny moment recently....the GM prohibited me from giving Husband "gifts." I don't usually win.....but I add a lot of humor/death to the game.
11. The only person I ever IM is Husband. I don't like being tied to a conversation for hours anymore. Gone are the days when I can talk to people overseas until dawn....because the person is so nice/interesting (and ignores me when I say that I must sleep sometime). I do Twitter at my own pace.....and manage to talk to about a thousand people.
12. I worry a super-lot....about everyone and everything. Yet, I am one of the strongest people that I know (in the long run).
13. I tried putting cottage cheese in my spaghetti. It really didn't taste like much of anything...neither good nor bad.
14. I wish that there were more time in my days. One thing that I would do if I had more time is photography every day. If it weren't bad for me and the weather permitted, I would also take Doggie out to sit in the sun every day while blogging.
15. I type over 60 words-per-minute but I don't feel that is fast enough.When I take typing tests, I get nervous & seize up...then I only score about 41 words per minute.
16. I wish that Top Chef were viewable online. It used to be my fave show...but now we don't have cable. I do watch Hulu....a lot.
17. I am Christian but I will not force you to be.
18. I collect Chaucer....different versions, critiques, analyis, etc...I appreciate any suggestions for my collection.
19. I put money in a piggy bank.I like to give neice,nephews,friend's children a piggy bank as one of their earliest presents. I send/give coins for the piggy bank as a life-long gift (I do give other gifts).
20. I have crayons & use them.A pet peeve of mine is that new boxes of crayons are always a little hard to open up. I am very picky about my coloring pages (links to good pages are always appreciated).
21. I like George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"...except when it is annoying.
22. I would like to change a lot of peoples' lives for the better while I am here on earth. This wish is always overhung by the fear of Death that I have.
23. I am a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness.
24. My favorite saint is St. Barnabas who was called "The Encourager." I try to encourage others. I have a very hard time encouraging those who are mean to me (& sometimes I don't encourage them).
25. I wish that I had more people encouraging me.
26. I like toerings but they don't get along well with my feet.
27. My favorite nail polish is a shiny purple color called "Gregarious." I like to put appliques on my nails (though they do not stick for long).
28. My favorite scent is Green Tea.
29. I like the book "Love Letters of a Lifetime" whose foreword is written by Dana Reeves. I used to write my husband a lot of love letters but I haven't in a while. I also enjoyed reading a book of Ronald Reagan's love letters to Nancy.
30. I used to read my husband a lot of poetry but I haven't in a while.
31. I usually do at least two floral arrangements a fake and one real/real with some fake.
32. I like marriage retreats, workshops, seminars, books, etc. My favorite lecturer on romance is Gary Chapman who wrote "The Five Love Languages."
33. I should burn candles more often. I try a lot of different candle scents. I love having different candle holders. I am not candle obsessed and will not burn the house down. I am approaching being candle-holder-obsessed.
34. I can now have full drinks (of alcohol).It used to be that it could interact with my thyroid medicine & put me into a shock which will put me into a coma followed by death....a really good reason not to drink. I have started trying going without the medicine....something that some do with my level of thyroid problems (I just had not because I have goiter problems and am symptomatic). I am trying various natural things to deal with my thyroid. I am actually LOSING weight now that I am off the thyroid medicine. Wish me luck.
35. If I could drink a lot of something, it would probably be Kosher Blackberry Wine or sweet cherry wine.
36. I have never played lacrosse. It looks difficult.
37. I have a weight bench & various other small excercise equipment.
38. I have a newspaper from the day America declared war on Iraq.
39. I would love to learn how to operate a ham radio.
40. I am going to do podcasts sooner or later.
41. I have seen St. Elmo's Fire....the phenomenon (I have seen the movie too, of course).
42. I have used to have lightning on one of my credit cards & a poster of lightning in the living room. The reason for this is that my hair often stands almost straight up when it storms close by.I have come within inches of being struck by lightning on a sunny day (with no storm in sight). Just call me Sparky.
43. We have a "Annual Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss." We write everything that upset us that year on a pumpkin & toss it from really high. It makes a loud exploding sound & is a neat photographic experience.
44. I like to eat frog legs.
45. I am very particular about the size of the spoon that I use. I like to use a Japanese soup spoon once-in-a-while. I do not like using plastic spoons for oriental soups....for some reason your lips eventually hurt (combo of the sharp edges of plastic and ingredients in soup, I think).
46. I use chopsticks at least once a week & even have several non-disposable chopsticks in my silverware drawer.I own sets of stainless steel chopsticks.
47. I want to visit the graves of diseased family more often.
48. I am really good at research.I have a reputation for being able to find the most obscure facts.
49. I do not like to put fresh spinach on pizza at home...only canned spinach....reason being the fresh spinach often wilts too much or becomes slightly crispy in an odd sort of way.
50. I want to build my own teddy bear at some point.
51. If you are cheating on a really nice person & think that it is alright to tell me because I am your friend....I have been known to tell the person being cheated on. Off the top of my head: In one situation where I was forced to do this the person doing the cheating instantly realized they were wrong & forgave me for telling. In another situation, the cheater temporarily convinced them that there was no cheating...temporarily. Don't cheat on a really nice person who does nothing but love you.
52. I detest mangoes. I like mango lemonade. Bolthouse Farms makes a good mango lemondade...but I am scared to drink it because of a juice scare a while back. I do not hold Bolthouse responsible for the juice was determined that it was consumers who did not follow proper storage procedures. During the juice scare though I noticed that some grocers did not refrigerate this juice properly. Sad....since I liked a few of the Bolthouse juices. I will have to look for a recipe for Mango Lemonade and see if I can order from Bolthouse.
53. When I hear a commercial with music that I like, I wish that I could press a button on the TV and get more info or order the song. Please someone make me a music-ordering TV that does not invade my privacy in any way or sell my info. Thanks.
54. I love to make lists. :-)
55. I tried mixing fruit punch and Pepsi. That tasted OK...even good. It needs some sort of alcohol though and I have not decided what.
56. We are slowly collecting the bits and pieces for an amazing and very homemade darkroom.
57. There are two pop culture staples that I both frequent and am wary of......Walmart and Oprah. I am working on writing a series of blog posts about Oprah's recommendations and how I follow some of them....these posts will be titled "Cheap-Rah." When I say Cheap-Rah, I keep picturing She-Ra (Princess of Power) holding her sword up and shouting "I have the power!"
58. I think Alison Sweeney has very pretty hair....when it is curly.
59. I think that at times Virginia Woolf was a pretty woman.
60. I have never heard anyone speak Esperanto....but I would like to. I wonder how difficult a language it is to learn.
61. I will be forever amazed at this woman who managed to carry her nephew to safety despite being mortally wounded.
62. I feel sad for Michael Jackson's children.

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