Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In My Life....

Licensed Photo. Taken by Tijmen van Dobbenburgh
On a personal note: Of course I, Thebluestbutterfly, would choose a blue bottle of nail polish to illustrate this post. :-)

-----Yesterday, I witnessed a mother trying to teach her little girl to say "I am a Diva." I hope she does that sometime where a person reacts quickly and goes up to the Mom and starts teaching her to say "I am pretentious." I hope that illuminating moment happens before the child understands "I am a Diva." I have no problems with people who think their children should have healthy self-esteem...just with those that think their bankbooks and ego rule the world. I am in Angry-Blogger mode right now.....scowl.
-----I am happy that I will not be missing "Infinite Summer." Reading of Infinite Jest will start later in the month. I am waiting for the book at the library. I started reading this book before but did not get to finish it. A book-clubbish activity will be a fun way to read.
-----I learned a lot about craft beers from this article about how "brewing is the new wine." I have never had beer with chocolate....but will make a point to try it.
-----Wondering what people think of the jellyfish crop circle. Artwork? Artwork creating by aliens? The product of the wind blowing in the shape of a jellyfish one day when God was bored?
-----I found Nylon Magazine. I am pleased with this as they have lots of coverage of nail polish in their beauty section. I love discovering pretty/new nail polish. I like the idea of the soy-based nail polish that they mentioned...but don't really like the price (especially of the remover). The price of the soy-based nail polish is higher than that of OPI.
-----Yet another sign that my pocketbook isn't what it used to be. I was looking through some of my old posts in which I mentioned frequent trips to various Oriental Buffets (at $11.99 per person). I realized today that though this is one of my fave restaurant treats, I haven't done this for about a year. I used to be able to afford two restaurant outings a month. I miss the frog legs. I really miss the frog legs.
-----I would be intimidated by making nettle beer. I am also leery of trying it. I know that many people eat things with nettles in them....it just seems a bit unsafe to me. I worry that I would have some reaction to it.

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