Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In My Life....

-----Trying out software called Image Converter Plus. It is for large batches of photos and graphics. The press release I read says that it has been used by NASA and the Ford Corporation.
-----Doggie has almost completely learned "play dead." Now doing it randomly when really wants something....funny to see if you know why is doing it (just suddenly lies down on ground and after a bit holds up a paw to try to encourage the expected treat). Doggie thinks randomly doing a trick or doing a trick of own choosing (not the one was told) gets instant treat. Stubborn/smart.
-----We got a dollhouse for 6 dollars at a thrift store. It is beautiful but needs a lot of work. I will have to show photos here on my blog. Though it does not look completely like the house in "The Crow," I want to pattern it a little bit after Eric Draven's apartment on the exterior.
-----I passed out a couple of Akoha cards. I am not sure if people have "Played Forward" the Random Acts of Kindness yet.
-----Husband and I went to a Ben Franklin store and picked up the findings that he needs to make some jewelry pieces out of our pretty beads. I really want to see what he does with the carnelian and azurite/malachite.

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