Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Outfitting TheOneWhoIsExpectingABundleOfJoy.

Looking at maternity clothes as a gift to one of my in-laws. Noticing that there is actually a "transitional" category of clothing for after pregnancy- I had never heard of this before.

Hmmm....what would TheOneWhoIsExpectingABundleOfJoy like to wear?? She likes the trendy clothes and is amazingly economical (coupons every day from what I can tell). Kiki's Fashions seems like it would have a lot for TheOneWhoIsExpectingABundleOfJoy ( I give characters on my blog case you haven't noticed).

I am currently going with this pink and black dress...modest and fun at same time. Very reasonably priced. It comes in yellow and black, too. If I should ever be lucky enough to find myself with child, I would wear either of these (with a blazer or bolero....because that is my style).

Kiki's Fashions Maternity Clothes

P.S. If you are expecting, or gifting someone who is, I am all about the coupon codes for savings while shopping. I have a coupon code from Kiki's. Use the coupon code "blogfriends" during checkout to get 20% off....because you are my blogfriends. Enjoy.


Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

I love that dress. Wish I had seen something like that when I was pregnant. Thanks for sharing. I have tagged you on my blog at

Jean said...

Reading this line "what would TheOneWhoIsExpectingABundleOfJoy like to wear?? "
I remembered what I wanted to wear when I was expecting. I badly wanted to fit into my old jeans :D
I thought I would have to wait forever till that happens!


The dress is really pretty. I want to order it to see if the fabric is thick enough (one has to think about undergarments and such). I didn't see any indication that this company had fabric samples...but I am going to ask because "it can't hurt to ask." :-)

I hope that it is just right for a gift. It will go with some other items I am working on.

Heading over to your blog in a bit. :-)

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