Sunday, June 07, 2009

Randomness Meme :-)

Licensed Photo. "Kaleidoscope 2" By Frizzy Lee
I chose this stock photo because pieces fall together randomly but fit together perfectly.
When one uses Twitter well, the same thing happens.
What beautiful randomness.

Our mission this week was to share our favorite quotes.

Since I am on Twitter so much, I decided to share some of the gems that made me smile/think. These quotes are from what I have marked as "Favorites."

-----@MarinkaNYC "Dishwasher appears broken. Or really lazy." Marinka followed up with another Tweet: "Dishwasher broken. Washing dishes by hand, like an animal."
-----@laurak "Does anyone know how to say "buckshot" in Latin? I need it for my headstone. Thanks."
-----@joshkornbluth "The idea of Twizzlers is often better than the reality of Twizzlers."
-----@auritech "Swine flu? Forget that. I prefer Wine Flue. It's where we sit around and drink Merlots around the fireplace, and reminisce about Paris."
-----@vansunder "Nothing makes you feel more of a hero than stopping a toddler's crying at night by holding them for a min before tucking them back in bed"
-----@Adriennevh "If I eat my weight in M and M's does that mean I just keep on eating as I gain more weight from eating them? It is all a vicious circle."
-----@Brian_Hess "
My Thing Now: Why is the Lone Ranger called 'Lone' if he always has his Indian friend Tonto with him?"
-----@GeekMommy "if plagiarism is only flattery, then so is theft... someone complimenting your taste in possessions!"
-----@Tojosan "Good night and sleep well Tomorrow is another day you might get eaten by a creature from the sewers."
-----@chrispirillo "I just got an email from a retailer suggesting their products are available on five "continence." Must be crappy, eh?"
-----@EverywhereTrip "I should will all my online assets to a spammer so I can sell everyone Viagra from the grave"
-----@TankaBar_Linda "One person on our Facebook suggested putting brewer's yeast on the popcorn. What does that taste like??? Sounds awful."
-----@Cherrrylll "And then an ambulance loudly blares by..and I am reminded of how good I have it."
-----@brappy "Watching Nine Network's TODAY - the sport guy put a baby crocodile on the desk and Karl, the host, fled off the set."
-----@danhhoang "
Watching the ice cream man eating ice cream. There's a joke there."
@kevinIcc "just saw a commercial on TV about Degree deodorant. Showed a guy smelling it, then imagining flying with a shopping cart. Wtf?"
-----@DennisRitchie "I talked to a cancer survivor. His unexpected life gave him the vision to leave corporate life behind. He smiled a lot."
-----@rjmoriarty "
I'm a product of the advertising schemes of my childhood. Time to play some Pokemon"
-----@Irant "Is it wrong that I am very tempted to respond to Mr. chin Yung re his offer to allow me to be his US representative to recv customer pymts?"
-----@johnsens "wii golf is so cool, and much cheaper than real golf, and less walking and bugs lol"
-----@thattalldude "In general, I think of the current stock market as if they're playing a round of limbo. How low can you go!"
-----@lynneastep "
Deadlines are multiplying like Tribbles. Where's Captain Kirk when you need him?"
-----@zappos "
Taking allergy pills is like having Snow White multiple personality disorder. You go from Sneezy/Grumpy to Sleepy/Dopey/Happy."
-----@brundlefly "Stuck in my head: Tom Jones, "What's New Pussycat?" Kill me. Please. Now."
-----@plasmaegg "Not sure what to make of this - ms 3 and 5 decided it was ok to BBQ and eat fairies after they died of old age - mmmm"
-----@shaggylive "
I'll not retire from retirement till someone makes the world make sense!"
-----@tabpierce "I love this from a Google search...Results 1 - 7 of about 5 over the past week. Someone needs to understand basic math."
-----@andrewcrisp " I know, right? Pizza makes the world go 'round. Hence the shape."
-----@Grundy "We'll know when we are in a depression when the banker from Deal or No Deal jumps out his window and tackles Howie."
-----@Mediamum "There's a guy going down an enormous slime slide on Nick Awards. I so want to do that!!!!"
-----@kcarruthers "my brother just told me I'll never be a princess - hmmm suspect it was actually a compliment"
-----@kcarruthers "there is a world wide consipiracy of dogs, children & chickens determined to deprive me of sleep"
-----@respres "Operation "Clean Office - Clear Mind" has officially commenced. I'm going in. Cover me."
-----@drkent "My ferret Linny (now inside my shirt) is like politics. One minute sleepy and cuddly, the next jumping around & baring little fangs!"
-----@The_PHP_Jedi "
I want ringtone of "In Wasilla, we chill, baby, chilla, but when I see oil lets drill baby drilla!" Only if Virgin allowed custom ringtones."
-----@Joanmarie "
My desk drawer is like the Land of Forgotten Toys with a burgeoning immigrant population from the Land of Forgotten External Drives."
------@jjprojects "Apparently the Vatican has released a set of 7 new deadly sins, in addition to the old ones."
These are the 7 new "social" sins that were being Twitted about.
-----@Despil "People ask why I am so cynical. Ironically these same people tend to prove me right all the time."
-----@bigyahu "set your luggage free. if it doesn't return, the effin' airline never loved you anyway. or something."
-----@weaverluke "twitter: a gazillion people jamming together on social air guitars?"
-----@gapinvoid "The female cowboy hippy makes her own Mesquite Honey and sells it in mason jars at Delicious!..."
-----@BBluesman "Is it true that the pink marshmallows in Lucky Chrms are less fattening??"
-----@teisam "I need the keys to a new shiny Australia."
-----@DebNg "
The 6 year old watched the inauguration at school. thought it was good but really boring."
-----@Karoli "
wealth redistribution. from the table to the hips."
-----@Karoli "
The only market I have any faith in? The one the farmers have on saturdays."
-----@micah "this kindle is bad ass. I have bought like three books, and I ignore them just as much as real books. I swear I cant tell the difference."
-----@CrozFromOz "
Breaker Breaker. Twitter is the CB radio of the internet. What's your handle. I think we got us a convoy lol"
-----@CrozFromOz "
Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough"
-----@tindle "
a solemn the depth of night, when the house is dark and silent, it is easy to mistake a parsnip for a chicken leg in the fridge"
-----@tindle "
don't take a balloon with you..first, you might take off, second, you might be mistaken for Piglet.."
-----@digg_r "
To fight Swine Flu just need some Oinkment."
-----@jamesmalach "Now have own outsized mug. With each delicious sip, I pretend to be an Oompa Loompa during his morning coffee break at chocolate factory."

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

:-) Someday I will be talented enough with a camera to take a kaleidoscope photo like the one at the top of the post. It's a beautiful photo.


Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

This is a really cool list. I never thought about keeping track of what I see on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by my blog through the June Comment Challenge & Monthly Mingle.


It was a pleasure to stop by your blog. I will be back on Thursday...if not before then. :-)

It makes me happy to keep track of my favorites...then I have something to smile about. Smiling is good.

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