Friday, June 12, 2009

In My Life....

-----Summer guests....apx. a week away. I will not stress out...any more than I already have.
-----I am going to put on nail polish later. I haven't done that in a while. I am a big fan of nail polish. I especially want to try scented nail polishes....I have heard about them but not seen them. One of my goals for this year was actually to wear more nail polish....Husband was amused by this.
-----Our garden is doing well. I need to weed....lots of tiny weeds. Also, something that I am hoping is not poison ivy.
-----I have a new jewelry box. The other did not have enough room for pins,chains and, I was creating jumbled piles and was only able to find rings easily. This has stacked drawers and a music box. I love thrift shops.
-----Going to start a regular blog post about Oprah recommendations. I am fascinated by pop culture and frugality. I will try to follow Oprah's recommendations (or suggest ways that they can be followed as inexpensively as possible). The title for my posts will be "Cheap-Rah."


Shannon H. said...

Hello! I found your web site through the June Mingle. I have enjoyed visiting your place. Please stop by for a visit!



Glad you enjoyed the visit. You've been here before actually. :-) I will stop by.

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