Thursday, June 11, 2009

In My Life....

-----Reading voraciously. I am participating in Infinite which I read Infinite Jest this summer. I am also joining a Summer Reading program at a library (hope the prizes aren't disappointing).

-----I discovered that I just don't have strong enough teeth for eating ribs. Maybe I need to find different methods for cooking less-tough ribs. I do not cook ribs....but I could contribute ideas to the various menfolk who do (Husband and friends). I wonder if I could make the menfolk wear my Elvis BBQ apron that I am assembling. We could all wear Elvis aprons. :-)
Perhaps I could wear an Elvis apron, a special facial mask and gloves....since I usually end up wearing the BBQ sauce. :-)

-----I am going to re-watch "Young Einstein." I would like to watch some of Yahoo Serious' other movies...."Mr. Accident" in particular.
-----I have added "Mr. Accident" to my waiting list at the library. It is about a men who works in an egg factory. His life is going really well....until the boss gets an idea (adding nicotine to the eggs).

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