Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Things I've Never Heard Before....

-----I was reading a wine review by a fellow blogger and I noticed that tasting a slight soapiness was mentioned. Have you ever had this happen?
-----Someone got arrested at an airport for having suitcases made out of cocaine.
-----I've never heard that drinking coffee is a risk for those with diabetes and I guess it isn't.
-----I knew about Faith,the dog that learned to walk upright...but I did not know that she often visits The Troops.
-----There is scented nail polish.


BenSpark said...

I just read that diabetes article that you linked to. I think the most significant part of that article was this line. "Recently, however, there has been evidence suggesting that coffee consumption may impair diabetics' ability to process glucose."

So I'm pretty sure that as a type II diabetic I'm going to continue to avoid coffee. But that is just me.


They said that their experiment was to look into this. I do not have diabetes....however, if I did, I would avoid ALL of the things that I was told were not good for me (and then told they were OK and then they were NOT and then OK....and so on).


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